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Survey Finds That Young Women Don’t Feel Good About Themselves or the Future

Young women are stressed about money, nervous about the future and unsure about EVER being a real adult—Sound familiar? If you’ve been feeling less than hyped about how your life is going, you’re far from alone, according to the findings of a recent survey conducted by The Young Women’s Trust in Great Britan. The survey focused on young people between the ages of 18-30 years old, and the results cast light on some surprising and disturbing issues young people across the world are facing today.

Young People Are Worried About the Money, Money, Money

Unlike Jessie J, young people are worried about the money. More and more young people facing financial hardships, with pressure like student debt and the cost of living making it incredibly difficult to live independently. The survey found that 39 percent of young women struggled to make their cash last until the end of the month, in comparison to 27 percent of young men. They would even consider moving abroad it that meant they would be more financially stable.

We’re Putting off “Adulting”

Results from the survey also found that young people overall are putting off major life events like starting a family and living on their own. Almost a quarter of all young people moved back home with their parents because they couldn’t afford to live without their help. And it’s not like they’re choosing this situation—30 percent of young women and 26 percent of young men were concerned about not getting enough paid hours at work to make ends meet. Worst of all, only 35 percent of young women felt confident about changing careers. Ladies, you can do this!

Issues at the Workplace go WAY Beyond an Annoying Coworker or Boss

For those of us lucky enough to have jobs, four out of 10 people are worried about their job security. We’re questioning the security of our jobs, the pay at our jobs as well as the treatment at our jobs. You might not think this applies to you, but unions can be awesome resource to that will help make change happen at work. Less than 31 percent of young people said they would turn to a trade union for advice about their rights if they were being treated unfairly at work. They are more likely to complain to their friends, spouse or human resources. When it comes to women in particular, 72 percent think that sexual discrimination is present in the workplace, compared to 54 percent of young men. Disturbingly, 40 percent of the those whom the survey refers to as Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic young people said they faced discrimination in work situations. And over half of women ages 18-24 felt discriminated against because of their age.


Young People Need an Overall Confidence Boost

Over half of young women lack self-confidence and are worried for the future, the survey reports. This is a big differences from the 2015 survey which found only 33 percent of young people were worried about the future. Even more worrisome is the fact that 22 percent of young women felt they were depressed. Women aren’t feeling empowered or excited for the future, and less than half of young people agree that people like them can achieve whatever they want to in life. But is any of this surprising when young people are facing economic uncertainty, discrimination at work and the prospect of never being able to live on their own? Cue crying emoji.

While this survey takes place in Great Britan, it touches on a number of crucial issues that young people are facing today all over the world. As I was writing this piece I thought about what my answers to these questions would be. Do I have as much confidence as I say I do? And even more important, how can these negative attitudes change? I think it starts with body positivity movements, frank discussion about mental illness, and proactive financial moves.

Emily is a recent graduate of Pace University where she studied communications. When she's not drinking tea she spends her time reading, re-reading, writing, re-writing, watching and re-watching. She can typically be found at the gym crushing weights with the bros or cooking something ridiculous.
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