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Students At Syracuse University Are Protesting After Videos Of A Racist Frat Pledge Were Uncovered

Syracuse University is currently under fire for an extremely disturbing reason.

Two videos have recently emerged from a private Facebook group showing members of the Theta Tau fraternity taking an oath that has the entire campus and the country fuming with rage and disappointment. 

In one of the shocking videos recovered by a reporter for the school’s paper, The Daily Orange, members of the fraternity ask initiates to repeat their horrific “oath.” While miming fellatio and variations of sexual assault, frat members ask the initiates to swear to a slew of derogatory remarks regarding different races and sexual orientation.

“I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n—gers, sp—cs and most importantly the f—kin’ k—kes,” the Syracuse website reports one member screaming. He’s later heard making another tasteless, offensive remark to Jewish characters in a “skit” about entering showers. 

In another video, members of the fraternity can be heard making fun of those with disabilities, women and gay men. 

While not all of the members may have participated, they were present and therefore part of the problem. Instead of stopping the situation, those who can be heard saying “too far” in the background still did not take any action. 

The video has prompted the permanent expulsion of the fraternity as well as the possible expulsion of 18 members. In the meantime, the university has condemned the videos and removed those 18 students from their classes temporarily while they deal with the situation, per CNN

Theta Tau released a statement that said, “Anyone of color or of any marginalized group who has seen this video has every right to be angry and upset with the despicable contents of that video. … We cannot apologize enough for the pain, sadness and fear that this has caused.”

The video has sparked outrage and protests across campus, with many students asking for a breakdown of the Greek system and for a more serious approach to punishment for racist attacks, sexual harassment, assault, and more. 

See more images from the protests here

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