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Spotify Wrapped’s Coolest New Feature Takes Inspo From The MBTI Test

‘Tis the season to reveal the deepest and darkest secrets of your music tastes through your Spotify Wrapped. After a full year of memories and occasions, Spotify Wrapped gifts listeners a round-up of their top artists and songs to remind them of all the different music moments of the year. 

Music lovers were eager to get their hands on a round-up of their 2022 listening habits, so much so that Spotify Wrapped lookalikes like Instafest were floating around on social media ahead of the release. TikTokers were even guessing which embarrassing songs would be their most listened to on their Spotify Wrapped, such as the whole Hamilton soundtrack (it’s OK, we’ve all been there).  However, the wait is over, because Spotify Wrapped officially dropped on Nov. 30. With a year of Taylor Swift chaos and Harry Styles takeover coming to a close, Spotify Wrapped is here to sum it all up, but it also comes bearing presents: The beloved music analyzing program is back with new features. Let’s just say you should be prepared to get called out. 

This year, unlock your listening personality to better understand your music taste. 

Spotify Wrapped fan-favorite features like top artists and albums are back to celebrate a year of music, but the app has taken the connection to music one step further with a new feature: Listening Personality. Inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality test, your Listening Personality analyzes your music taste through 16 music personalities. Whether you’re someone who is always on the lookout for new music or you never waver from your favorite artists, Spotify is ready to summarize what kind of music lover you are. 

The personalities are based on four metrics: familiarity (F) vs. exploration (E), loyalty (L) vs. variety (V), timelessness (T) vs. newness (N), and commonality (C) vs. uniqueness (U).  These four metrics are then made into combinations that unveil music personalities, such as The Early Adopter (ENVC) or The Maverick (ETLU). If you’re an Early Adopter, you’ve mastered finding new music and are always on top of what’s trending. If you’re a Maverick, you stay out of the mainstream and immerse yourself in sidestream hits. Music has layers much like your personality, so it makes sense to adopt your own music persona — and listeners love it. One Twitter user wrote, “Screw personality types…what’s your Spotify Wrapped listening type???” If you can’t find me, I’ll be endlessly scrolling through all my Instagram stories to see whose Spotify personalities I’m compatible with. 

My Audio Day reveals your listening moods from sunrise to sunset. 

If you’re anything like me, you have different playlists depending on what time of the day it is or what mood you’re in — and Spotify gets this. In the new Spotify Wrapped feature, My Audio Day, the app divulges what moods you start and end your day with through aesthetics. Some listeners’ mornings started with hype music and then ended with bittersweet, somber music. Others’ started with confidence and feel-good music and ended with heartbreak music. 

Listeners have mixed emotions about this new feature. One Twitter user wrote, “The ‘My Audio Day’ section of Wrapped absolutely obliterated me.” Another user said, “I have very mixed feelings about my Spotify Wrapped but I love the Audio Day thing and that’s what matters.” Some Spotify users are just outright heartbroken because My Audio Day isn’t popping up for everyone. Whether you got the My Audio Day or you’re patiently waiting for it, it’s safe to say Spotify came for our throats this year and won’t be letting you get away with those late-night sad music sessions. 


#SpotifyWrapped is here 🎶 Update your Spotify app to get yours. Who is on your Top 5?

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Spotify Wrapped 2022 comes with new ways to share your listening habits. 

The beauty of Spotify Wrapped is that you get to share the Wrapped cards with your followers so they can get an inside look at what you’re listening to (and maybe judge their music tastes just a little as well). This year, Spotify is expanding its Spotify Wrapped sharing capabilities to more apps, such as WhatsApp and Line. Additionally, fans can unlock a Snapchat lens that reflects their listening personality, as well as custom Spotify Wrapped apparel for their Bitmoji. It seems like Spotify Wrapped 2022 is the gift that keeps on giving, and I’m obsessed. 

Spotify has expanded the artist messages for every genre. 

In 2021, Spotify Wrapped dropped a new element that featured thank-you messages from listeners’ favorite artists. It included about 100 singers, but this year Spotify made sure more users had a chance to feel connected to their top artists. Now, there are thank-you messages from more than 40,000 artists, including Taylor Swift and Shania Twain. 

The videos don’t just stop at singers. Fans can also watch videos from some of their favorite soccer players, such as Robert Lewandowski and Alexia Putellas. This is all thanks to Spotify’s partnership with FC Barcelona, which kicked off in July. 

Spotify Wrapped 2022 didn’t come to play this year. There are even more new elements on top of the ones I listed, such as a Roblox island and merchandise shopping. From your very own music persona to daily music aesthetics, this year’s Spotify Wrapped is taking listening habits to a whole new level. 

Some people get excited about the first fall of snow or the day the town tree gets lit up, but I get excited for when Spotify Wrapped gets released. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing who your friends listen to when you’re not around and now I can see how their personality matches up to mine. 

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