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What Is “Slime You Out” By Drake Ft. SZA About? The Internet Has Some Theories

Sept. 15 proved itself to be a big day for music. After the 2023 VMAs on Sept. 12, the music industry has been riding on a high, with artists teasing new projects left and right. And while SZA already dropped her “Snooze (Acoustic)” collaboration with Justin Bieber, the artist was involved in another collaboration with a huge artist: “Slime Me Out” by Drake (featuring SZA, of course).

In the past few weeks, there has been speculation regarding SZA’s possible feature on Drake’s new single, “Slime You Out.” But on Sept. 13, the SZA rumors reached a new high when she posted a confirmation, tagging Drake in the corner and captioning the post with some rather hinting emojis. 

The single, which dropped on Sept. 15, will appear on Drake’s long-awaited eighth studio album For All The Dogs, which is set to release on Sept. 22. But, this bold duet is a bit more complicated than other collabs: the personal relationship between the two, the lyrical composition of the piece, and the context of the Instagram post suggests something more complicated than just any other track. And the internet has some thoughts about it.

Drake and Solána Rowe, aka SZA, dated in the early 2010s and have apparently maintained a generally “close” friendship — enough of one, at least, to collaborate on their music all these years later. According to many fans, and my own personal opinion, this song is definitely about miscommunication in relationships — which could allude to their breakup years ago.

So, with the release of “Slime You Out,” fans have increasingly shown their desire for the two artists to not only get together for an album, but get back together romantically.

The lyrics of the song seem to be somewhat of a conversation between the two, both throwing out comments on the other: SZA’s lyrics stand out with “you got my mind in a terrible place / whipped and chained you like American slaves,” and both repeat several times throughout the song, “How were there even comparisons made?” Though it isn’t a diss track, by any means, the communication between the two calls for an underlying complexity, which is extremely unique to hear as fans.

“Slime You Out” is giving Drake fans a taste of what to expect in For All The Dogs. Considering the all-star line-up he has prepared on these tracks, with appearances from artists like Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny, and — of course — SZA, it is clear that this upcoming album will be a statement worth listening to.

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