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SZA & Justin Bieber Collaborated On “Snooze (Acoustic)” & Twitter Is Losing It

Not even a month after SZA dropped the “Snooze” music video, featuring a Justin Beiber cameo, the artist decided to break the internet with a new single drop. No, it’s not a new track, but the acoustic version of a fan-favorite track off of SOS, featuring the man himself: Justin Bieber. Is it just me, or is anyone else down with a case of Bieber Fever again? 

SOS, SZA’s sophomore album, released in December of 2022, has been riding a high all year — nursing the strong response to her new music. Its popularity has glued us to the edge of our seats, wanting more — and more is what she gave with the new “Snooze” acoustic remix.

To say that the generation is quaking is, frankly, an understatement. Just past midnight on Sept. 15, SZA posted on her socials: “forgot to mention this lmao,” announcing the surprise release and sending everyone straight to the stream. 

The song didn’t take too much liberty from the original, which was one of the most popular songs on the album and definitely stayed true to its “acoustic” title. It primarily relied on the heavenly vocals of the two talented artists. Apparently, this is exactly what the fans wanted, as the song received an overall positive response. Both passionate SZA fans and faithful Beliebers flocked to social media to express their approval and excitement over the collab.

Official and fan accounts tracking the drop and its climbing streams are blowing up.

Reactions are overwhelmingly positive, and it’s no surprise that the minority that prefers the original is getting some hate! 

Bieber fans know good music when they hear it, and their Tweets are telling us they know this is a banger.

But if SZA hadn’t blessed us enough, she dropped this hit on the same day she is due to appear on Drake’s new single “Slime You Out.” There’s no telling what kind of reactions we’ll see from this separate collab, but I think we can expect SZA to appear on at least one highest-charting single!

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