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Are Seb & Kayla Still Dating After The ‘THTH’ Finale?

The final episodes of Too Hot To Handle Season 4 officially dropped on Dec. 14, and it’s safe to say that the season has been hot. We all know the format of the show — a group of sexy singles comes together to date each other and try to win money. The catch is, though, that they have to stay celibate throughout the duration of the experiment, and if they don’t, money from their prize winnings is swiftly taken away. With the end of the season comes the question of which couples are still together now that the show has wrapped. If you’re as interested in the show as I am, I bet you’ve been wondering about the state of one couple from the show: Seb and Kayla. So… are Seb and Kayla from Too Hot To Handle still together?

Seb and Kayla had a time on Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle, finding themselves breaking many of Lana’s rules throughout their time together. No, really — they actually lost the most money of any of the other couples on the show. With a chemistry as hot as theirs, it wasn’t really a question of if they’d end up in a relationship by the end of the season. I mean, Seb is a Capricorn, and Kayla a Libra. We know that earth and air signs have the potential to blend really well together, if they choose to communicate effectively.

After a few miscommunications throughout Season 4, viewers weren’t sure if they’d be able to get their relationship back on track, but that was proven wrong by the end of the season. Making it to the finale as one of the final couples, they left the show seemingly in a relationship. But, we all know that was filmed a while ago, so are they still dating now?

Honestly, the signs are pointing to yes. Even after going through some rocky spots throughout their time on Too Hot To Handle, it appears that the two are still riding their relationship out. Though they haven’t made anything Instagram official yet, both Seb and Kayla have posted stories hanging out with fellow castmate Nigel at the same times and places. That leads me to believe that either they’ve just stayed really good friends, or have just stayed together since filming wrapped up.

Honestly, I’m still waiting for a hard launch on social media from either Seb or Kayla to confirm my suspicions that they’re *definitely* still a couple. Will we get that soon? I think so.

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