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Science Says That Women Are Better At Tasting Wine & We Felt That From The Bottom of Our Wine Glasses

For the longest, women have always been stereotyped as emotional, irrational creatures. It’s often portrayed that when women drink, they’re alcoholics suffering from emotional damage and cannot get a grip on their life. Well, tables have turned and fortunately for the better

. According to Hello Giggles, a recent scientific study has concluded that women are better at tasting wine because men (dare we say it?) are too emotional. 

It’s no secret that when it comes to men and emotions, the ‘be a man’ stereotype comes into play, affecting how the lack of emotion leads to biased evaluations of female leaders according to Elsevier.

So, how was this conclusion made you ask? Well besides the fact that wine is extremely tasty and is scientifically proven to help keep calm, it is also due to women being more sensitive to odors. 

“We gave subjects the same odor several times and repeatedly found that men have a stable sense of odor, while cycling women became more and more sensitive to that odor over time,” Dr. Paul Braslin, a professor in the nutritional services department at Rutgers University told Vinepair. “Within the confines of our study, which tested them 20 times and sometimes more, each time, their ability to accurately discern scents became more refined.”

It was also noted by Howstuffworks that women are better than men are at determining and describing how things taste.

Dr. Breslin is only proving our lasting theory correct: men suck, drink wine.

But it’s always nice to have it backed by science. 

Náosha Gregg is an aspiring journalist & freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York, currently obsessed with anything blush. Follow her on Instagram: @knowingnaosha or say hi: naosha.gregg@gmail.com
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