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Wait — are Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien actually dating? Well, this one wasn’t on my 2022 bingo card. On Sept. 11, a photo was leaked of Carpenter and O’Brien standing together on a street in NYC during New York Fashion Week, igniting rumors that the two are an item. (Her Campus reached out to Carpenter and O’Brien’s teams for confirmation but didn’t hear back by the time of publication.) The pair was apparently spotted at West Broadway and Canal Street in Soho, with Carpenter wearing a crop top and black pants and O’Brien casually sporting a tee, shorts, and snapback. In the photo, the two are looking at the camera with an almost surprised expression on their faces. 

The photos were originally submitted to DeuxMoi, an Instagram blog dedicated to exclusive celeb gossip. Another fan told the account that they spotted the rumored couple kissing at a bar in the Lower East Side, saying, “Sabrina Carpenter [and] Dylan O’Brien making out in nyc!!!! at attaboy.” 

The dating rumors sent the Internet into a frenzy, with one user tweeting, “SABRINA CARPENTER AND DYLAN O’BRIEN????” and another saying, “I come online and apparently Sabrina Carpenter was spotted making out with Dylan O’Brien wtf.” 

Another user tweeted, “Sabrina Carpenter and Dylan O’Brien being in a relationship means that she’ll go to ALL of Taylor Swift’s future parties which means they’ll become best friends therefore we’re going to have a collab of them in their next album ouu.. my girl is so smart.” (But genuinely, why was this also my first thought when I heard about the rumors?)

Neither Carpenter nor O’Brien have addressed the rumors, but if the two are actually an item, this will be Carpenter’s first public romantic relationship since her relationship with Joshua Bassett in summer 2020. Although it’s unclear when exactly their relationship fizzled out (their timeline is very messy, for obvious reasons), Bassett confirmed with GQ in December 2021 that he was single. 

O’Brien also hasn’t been in a public romantic relationship in a while — the 31-year-old actor privately ended his long-term relationship with Britt Robertson in 2018, briefly had a fling with Chloë Grace Moretz the same year, and was linked to a “mystery woman” in 2021. 

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