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This Powerful PSA Will Change How You View Homelessness

“If home is where the heart is, are homeless people heartless?”

“Far from it,” replies Cheryl, who has been homeless for 7 years.

We have all had a good laugh at celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, but when the homeless read them, it is anything but funny.

To combat the stereotypes that many have about homelessness, Canadian advocacy group Raising the Roof has released a video depicting those struggling with homelessness reading mean tweets about the homeless—and it’s completely heartbreaking.

“I was enjoying a latte when I saw a hobo girl across the street. I almost vomited. Get back on your side of the bridge, no one likes you,” reads Melissa, who has been homeless for 10 years.

The goal of the video is to “remind viewers the conversation around the issue needs to change,” according to Raising the Roof.

The PSA has sparked a surprising, yet positive, response from the community since going viral. The hashtag #HumansForHumans is now being used to promote the video and spread the message on social media.

To learn more about (and support!) Raising the Roof, visit the organization’s website.

Krysta is a National News Blogger at Her Campus. While working toward a Media Studies degree at Central Michigan University, her work has been featured in the Homeless Voice newspaper and USA TODAY College Edition. Away from writing, she is involved in  the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, volunteers at women's shelters and loves early morning yoga. Follow Krysta on twitter @kryloftis 
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