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Is This Pickle Fork The Hyper-Specific Dream Utensil Of The Future?

The perfect present for your pickle-loving friend is here: Pickle forks are now available, and they are surprisingly useful. For whatever reason, pickles are one of those foods that some people are just obsessed with. There are so many pickle-themed gifts for fans of this snack, from pickle-shaped bandages to pickle lip balm.

However, while all of those gifts are quirky and thoughtful, the pickle fork reaches another level of usefulness.

The fork allows you to get a pickle out of the jar without any struggle—never again do you need to get your hands dirty! A strap will conveniently hold your fork to the pickle bottle so that you are never caught in a sticky, pickle-briney conversation.

As for why you couldn’t just use a normal fork, this is a little bit unclear. Amazon claims that this product stops you from “constantly dirtying utensils” too. So, hey, why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose. Amazon is currently selling them for $5.75, so skip a coffee or two this week and invest in your pickle-loving side.

They come in two different colors, so take your pick, attach it to your pickles and you will never have to smell like pickle juice again. 

(H/T: Bustle