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Olivia Rodrigo Revealed The Original Lyrics For 2 Of Her ‘GUTS’ Songs & I’m Clutching My Pearls

Olivia Rodrigo’s music has connected me and my friends in so many ways because it’s relatable AF and extremely catchy. Her sophomore album GUTS quickly became a favorite for me and so many others — especially when it comes to her lyrics. So, if you’re like me, you’d be delighted to know that Olivia Rodrigo talked about some of the original lyrics of “get him back!” and “all-american b*tch.” And, y’all, they’re spicy. 

ICYMI, artists doing lyric changes in their songs are super common — it’s all a part of the writing process. Take, for instance, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version): Swift changed an iconic line in “Better Than Revenge” that left fans conflicted. But the alternative GUTS lyrics? I’m actually not mad at them at all — and I’m secretly hoping she drops a re-record with the original lyrics.

On Oct. 24, ORod went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked all about GUTS, and revealed some of the OG lyrics to two of my personal favorite tracks. On the show, Kimmel asks Rodrigo about her songwriting process, especially when it comes to being a young adult with fans of all ages. “I love using a swear word when I think it’s like tasteful and necessary, but sometimes I try to tone it down,” Rodrigo said to Kimmel. “Like, there were a few songs in the album where I was swearing all over them and I kind of had to, like, pare it back.”  

Rodrigo then went on to talk about her song “get him back!” and even revealed the original lyrics to the hit. In the recorded version of song, Rodrigo sings, “So I write him all these letters, and I throw them in the trash / ‘Cause I miss the way he kisses and the way he made me laugh.” However, on Kimmel, Rodrigo stated that the original lyrics to the song were, “So I write him all these letters, and I throw them in the trash / ‘Cause I miss the way he kisses and the way he grabbed my ass.” My jaw is on the floor. Petition to change the lyrics to that immediately, please!

The spicy lyrics don’t stop there! Rodrigo had another spicy lyric in the OG version “all-american b*tch.” ORod revealed on Kimmel that the lyrics (which are “I’m a perfect all-American b*tch / With perfect all-American lips / And perfect all-American hips”) were originally “I’m a perfect all-American b*tch / With perfect all-American lips / And perfect all-American t*ts.” Honestly, I’m gonna start singing it like that instead. 

Of course, I respect Rodrigo’s choice to change these lyrics as a musical artist, but I love these original lyrics. Hopefully, in her third album, she doesn’t hold back as much. (Olivia, this is me begging.)

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