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Neon Eyeliners That Make Festival Season Electric

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So you have your outfits for summer concerts and beach parties all taken care of. But what about your makeup? If you’re going all out for the shows, you might as well try out some new neon eyeliners for the festival season to really make those outfits pop. Neon eyeliners can be tricky to get used to, but trust: they are also very fun to play around with and experiment with new colors and techniques you wouldn’t wear to say, your summer internship office party. Or do, by all means.

Below, you’ll find neon sets, liquid blues, waterproof pencils, and glitter finishes to experiment with for your festival adventures. No matter what you choose to do with your neon eyeliners, don’t hold back on layering colors for the big concert trip. Also, most of the choices here are very easy on your budget, so if you find something that doesn’t work, you can always move right on down to the next one. Don’t sleep on the sets, either, as they give you a lot of room to play around in. And the colors you don’t like can make great little gifts for your squad on the road to the show, too. That’s the real pro tip.

Matte Fluid Eye Paint: Brights

If you aren’t normally a neon kind of eyeliner gal, this set of basic brights in a mini format is the perfect place to start. Plus, you can toss them in any clutch for touch ups.

Matte Fluid Eye Paint The Minis Brights?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

Glossier skywash liquid eyeliner

When in doubt, always stick with brands you know and love. And who doesn’t know and love Glossier? If you don’t now’s the time.

Glossier lime green?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

venus liner in oasis

This bright blue liquid liner is just right for festival season.

lime crime venus eyeliner oasis?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

urban decay glitter finish

Urban Decay has been beautifying festival girlies since the ’90s and they stay the tried and true makeup brand for the bold. This pencil liner is waterproof, has a glittery finish, and comes in a slew of colors to choose from.

Urban Decay pencil glitter liner?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

nars sultan eyeshadow

OK, it’s technically an eyeshadow, but with the right technique, this bright purple color is too good to pass up.

Nars purple lilac eyeshadow?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

mac chromaline

Neon yellow is not for the faint of heart, but this Mac eyeliner goes on like a dream and is just the right shade to layer with other neons if you want to go wild.

MAC Chromaline?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

dare to be set

Why commit to one neon when you can have an entire palette of brights and bolds to play with? Invite your friends over and go off.

DARE to be bright gel liner set?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp
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