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This Celeb Made A Cameo In The “Feather” Music Video & The Internet Is In Heat

One thing I have to get off my chest: What can Sabrina Carpenter not do? With the release of her music video for her viral track “Feather” premiering just in time for Halloween 2023 on the East Coast, Carpenter continues to be the pop princess she’s destined to be. The music video also has a Halloween treat as Milo Manheim makes a special cameo appearance within the video, and I’m definitely still panicking (in a good way). 

While I’m still not over the “Nonsense” era (my upcoming Spotify wrap will prove it), Carpenters’ music video for “Feather” highlights her iconic fashion sense by showcasing her in a variety of girly and bright outfits as she *unintentionally* (or what some may think, deliberately) leads creepy men to their untimely demise. I also need time to debrief because a surprise cameo by Milo Manheim as one of the “creeps” in the video had both me and the entirety of Twitter freaking out over his brief but kind of iconic appearance. 

But first, let’s break down the iconic “Feather” music video. Carpenter first appears in the song as she drives up to a church in a pink Cadillac dressed in all black. Before we can properly comprehend the meaning behind that, we are abruptly transported back to the streets of NYC with Carpenter. As she walks with her headphones on, she is followed by boys who gawk and catcall at her. They are subsequently hit by a semi-truck before she realizes what is happening. 

In the following scene, Carpenter can be seen at the gym wearing all pink as she tries to practice boxing until a group of men try to teach her, which leads to the herd fighting to the death, leaving Carpenter as the only one standing (also the only one who is not involved in the fight). There is obviously a central theme going on in her music video, as “Feather” spotlights toxic masculinity and is a fun way of sending karma (pun intended!) to arrogant men, and X/Twitter was loving this portrayal.

Milo Manheim’s brief appearance in the music video, however, sparked interest amongst Twitter users. In the video, he’s in an elevator with Carpenter in one scene, trying to secretly take a picture under her skirt, which she eventually notices. Carpenter then decides to drag Manheim’s character out of the elevator, stopping directly near its doors, as his tie gets caught once the door closes, leading to his demise in a very Final Destination-style manner (O.G. Final Destination stans remember the elevator scene from Final Destination 2). 

Twitter users have freaked out since the two’s scene together, resulting in some hilarious replies. 

All I can hope for is that this cameo will spark interest in Carpenter and Manheim’s collaborating on a film or show as main leads. While a girl can dream, if you need me, I’ll be listening to Emails I Can’t Send for the twelfth time. 

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