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Spotify Wrapped Tracking Doesn’t End When You Might’ve Thought

We’ve all gotten used to Spotify’s Daylist feature just in time to think about how our Spotify Wrapped will come out for 2023. Spotify Wrapped season can be a love-hate relationship for many of us. Personally, I love deep-diving into my friend’s Wrapped collections. However, it can be a little embarrassing if the streaming service decides to call you out on a guilty pleasure song, playlist or album. But when does Spotify Wrapped stop tracking what you’re listening to for 2023?

For many, the fall season also means remembering the weird music they have listened to over the year and trying to release a song from their Top Five. Some users go as far as making new playlists to listen to on repeat so those songs take over their past data. 

For the unknowing (or the Apple Music listeners), Spotify Wrapped is a data collection signifying each user’s most listened-to music from the year. While some users hate the overload of Spotify Wrapped graphics on socials every winter, others live for it. It is arguably one of the reasons why people have made their way over to Spotify from other streaming giants, feeling left out of a nationwide post. 

According to Newsweek, Spotify had previously confirmed in 2021 that the last day recorded each year is Oct. 31. That means anything you listen to in November and December wouldn’t be recorded, since next year’s data starts getting recorded on Jan. 1. 

On Oct. 26, however, the official Spotify Twitter account replied to a now-deleted Tweet about the Oct. 31 cut-off date. Spotify posted, “Hmm, that doesn’t sound right to us. Don’t worry, Wrapped is still counting past Oct. 31” with the side-eye emoji.

In previous years, Spotify Wrapped has been released at the end of November or early December. The official Spotify website doesn’t give specific dates for this year, telling fans to “keep listening” and that they will “get in touch when it’s ready.” Her Campus reached out to Spotify for clarification on the cutoff date and when Wrapped will come out, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

This means you’ll have a lot more time to “save” your Spotify Wrapped this year, if that’s something you’re worried about. Since we don’t have a specific date for when the streaming app will stop taking data this year, I would lay off the guilty pleasures you don’t want to be your top listened-to until Wrapped gets released. This way, users will know that it’s finally safe to listen to as many show tunes (or whatever your guilty pleasure is) as they want before the 2024 data collection starts on Jan. 1.

Shay Nicolay

Toronto MU '22

Shayna Nicolay has been a Her Campus National Writer since January 2023. She writes bi-weekly articles as well as covering timely content. She graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2022, where she majored in journalism with a minor in graphic communications. Shayna was a contributing writer for her University's Chapter of Her Campus, and was the Editor-in-Chief of her University magazine, Folio. She also was the editorial intern for fashion content creator, Audree Kate Lopez, where she hired and managed a group of writers, ran the WordPress website, wrote and edited articles, and helped with social media copy. Shayna loves walks in nature, bingeing the newest TV show, beading jewelry, and is a mental health advocate. She loves storytelling and media, so content creation comes naturally to her. For the best memes, mental health tips, and bisexual visibility, follow Shayna @shaynicolay on Instagram and @shaynanicolay on TikTok.