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Milo Manheim’s Birthchart Has Me In A Chokehold

It’s a Sabrina Carpenter Halloween this year. With her widely successful album, Emails I Can’t Send, Carpenter has proven herself to be a rising pop princess and has given us some of the best pop culture moments (I will never get over her Nonsense outros from the EICS tour, by the way) throughout 2023. And to make things even better, Carpenter has released her music video for “Feather” on Halloween 2023, and gives us some incredible outfit inspiration. It’s totally written in the stars that Carpenter was meant to release the “Feather” music video on Halloween, and it’s also written for me to talk about Milo Manheim’s birth chart on Halloween for the astrology girls. 

Not only does the “Feather” music video give us a horror-themed video (men catcalling women is a horror movie, IMHO), but fans are especially taking notice of one of the side characters played by none other than Milo Manheim. Manheim has been a rising Gen-Z actor who has made his mark in the industry by starring in movies such as the Zombies franchise. Needless to say, fans can’t get enough of his small cameo in Carpenter’s “Feather” music video. Naturally, I had to do some scientific digging and learn all about Manheim’s birth chart. 

Milo Manheim is a Pisces. 

In the wise words of Olivia Rodrigo, we love Pisces. If you’re like me and you love water signs, you’re going to be very pleased to know that Manheim was born on March 6, 2001, and is a Pisces. Pisces men are typically empathetic, extremely creative, sentimental, and charming. Seeing that Manheim is an actor, his creativity and imaginative personality traits make total sense when you read his chart. 

He also has A Leo Moon moment.

Even though Manheim is a Pisces, his chart reads that he is also a Leo Moon. Leo Moons typically strive to be outgoing, loyal, and warm to anyone who meets them and seek to get attention and approval from the people around them. They are also very good at giving advice to those who need it, so I am living for this. 

Milo Manheim also has a Mercury in Aquarius. 

We really love a future-oriented man. By having a Mercury in Aquarius, you are more likely to have more of an intellectual side. In fact, it’s stated that those who have their Aquarius in Mercury are often individuals who have deep conversations and are philosophical. Sign me up, please. 

Manheim has his Venus in Aries. 

The more I read Manheim’s chart, the more I realize that he is definitely giving off serious actor energy. Manheim has an Aries in Venus, which means that there is a high possibility that Manheim is a go-getter and knows what he wants. From watching some of Manheim’s interviews, it’s clear that he is incredibly passionate about his work. 

What zodiac signs are Manheim compatible with? 

If you’re a water sign, you may be in luck—Since Manheim is a Pisces, he may be compatible with other Pisces, Cancers, and Scorpios. This makes sense — water signs seem to gravitate towards other fellow water signs. However, Pisces can also get along with other signs such as Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn based on their personalities as well.

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