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Megan Thee Stallion’s “Rattle” Seems To Be *Another* Nicki Minaj Diss

Uh, oh, the girls are fighting (again). Megan Thee Stallion released her latest rap album MEGAN on June 28, which features songs describing self-esteem, and hot girl energy. But one song in particular, “Rattle,” is thought to be *another* diss track toward Meg’s former collaborator, Nicki Minaj.

This feud initially began after Megan seemed to diss Minaj’s husband in her song “Hiss” also from this album. Coming to the defense of her man, Minaj released the song “Big Foot,” where she shaded Megan, which is evident in the lyrics, “The things that you’ve lied about, even pretendin’ to your ma, you don’t want them out okay?”

Megan starts “Rattle” by immediately firing shots at Minaj, rapping, “Ain’t got no tea on me, this ho think she TMZ.” This opening line immediately refers to Minaj’s track “Big Foot” where she claims that she has “a lotta tea” on Megan and “went easy” on her. Megan asserts herself after that opening line, rapping, “The sooner you accept/ That I’m that b*tch/ The better your life will be,” showing Minaj who “that girl” really is.

Many believe that Megan could be referring to her and Minaj’s 2020 collab “Hot Girl Summer” in the track. In the second verse, she raps, “Damn, b*tch, it been four years/ Worry ‘bout your man and your kid/ Your life must be borin’ as f*ck if you still reminiscin’ ‘bout sh*t that we did.” Minaj and Megan’s “Hot Girl Summer” was released in 2020, and because the two are publicly not on good terms, it seems as though these lyrics are directly applicable to Minaj who has a husband and a son.

Megan  adds to the verse, rapping, “And I ain’t worried ‘bout the bitter-b*tch link-up/ Y’all hoes earned them seats in the fan club.” This could refer to Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 World Tour concertwhen she was accompanied by JT, Bia, Maliibu Miitch, Katie Got Bandz and Akbar V. In verse 1, Megan seems to refer to being ostracized from this group, rapping, “Only time y’all weak hoes link up/ It’s when another b*tch tryna get rid of me.”

“Rattle” as a whole seems to be up to interpretation, though it’s believed to be a direct diss to Minaj (I mean, just look at the evidence). Even fans think this is a full-on diss toward Minaj and have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their reactions.

The tea is piping with these two female rappers and I don’t see their drama stopping anytime soon. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Nicki responds with another diss of her own.

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