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I Have Concerns About Lydia & Milton’s Relationship On ‘Love Is Blind’

Love Is Blind Season 5 has been a wild ride, and honestly, I really can’t tell if the remaining couples have what it takes to stay together forever. Don’t get me wrong, Izzy and Stacy are so cute together, but them not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to finances has me questioning the stability of their relationship. And don’t even get me started on Milton and Lydia. When they got engaged in the pods, I was a little suspicious of their relationship lasting in the real world given their age difference (Milton is 24 while Lydia is 33). However, they proved me wrong by showcasing a strong dynamic during their vacation in Mexico and while living together in Houston, so I was beginning to think a marriage between them would possibly work out. 

However, drama came for the couple during Episode 7 when Uche pulled Lydia aside to talk about their previous relationship. With Episodes 8 and 9 finally here, we got to see more of Milton and Lydia as they prepared for their upcoming wedding. But after watching their conversation with Milton’s family play out and their argument about Milton’s cleanliness in Episode 9, I’m now wondering if Milton and Lydia will actually get married. At this point, I’m not so sure. Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 5 follow.

The conversation between Uche and Lydia got heated.

While meeting up with the other couples from the pods for a Pod Squad gathering in Episode 7, Lydia was pulled away from the group by Uche, who wanted answers from her about their breakup. “I think it’s very possible that Lydia came into the experiment with the wrong intentions, and I want to get to the bottom of it. I just need an explanation,” he said.

During their conversation, Uche accused Lydia of being dishonest and allegedly stalking women he followed on Instagram. Lydia clapped back by claiming Uche cheated on her and alleged he was a hypocrite for judging fellow pod mate Aaliyah when she told him about her past.

The episode ended with Uche warning Milton about Lydia’s intentions, as he’s convinced she’ll cause problems in their relationship. Their discussion continued in Episode 8 with Uche telling Milton that Lydia planned to be on the show with him. But despite his information from Uche, Milton believed he found a genuine partner in Lydia. Afterward, Milton found a crying Lydia and told her he would always defend her and that she’s too strong of a woman to let this drama get the best of her. 

Milton’s family questioned his stance on marriage. 

Later on in Episode 8, Lydia met Milton’s parents and sister. While his family was getting to know Lydia, Milton’s sister, Jessica, asked him why he’s getting married, which he called a “super uncomfortable question.” Their father then chimed in to ask Milton when he decided he was ready for marriage. Milton said that though he wasn’t “actively pursuing a wife,” he was interested in finding one, which his sister didn’t believe. “It’s phony,” she said. 

While talking to Lydia in private, Milton’s mother seemed to question Lydia’s intentions, calling her answers “scripted.”

Milton and Lydia don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to cleanliness.

In Episode 9, a couple of nights before their wedding day, Lydia and Milton had a conversation about their relationship over dinner — and it was a lot, TBH. The convo began with Milton telling Lydia that she’s “not the exact same person” as she was in the pods. “Sometimes you wake up very cranky for no reason,” Milton told her. “You wake up very upset sometimes.” Lydia responded with, “Because you have done something to make me upset.” 

She then shared her reason for getting so upset with Milton.

“You told me that you were not a messy person and that is exactly what I’m seeing,” Lydia said. “All the time, your freaking clothes are on the floor.” 

Though Milton said he’s trying his best to be more tidy, Lydia didn’t believe him. 

“Dude, like, I don’t wanna keep repeating myself and be like, ‘Clean the room. Please clean after you.’ How many times have I told you this?” she said. Although she knows Milton loves her, Lydia’s not sure if he’s taking their relationship seriously. 

Maybe Milton is working on cleaning up after himself more, but his way of living doesn’t seem to sit well with Lydia, which makes me wonder if this is a deal breaker. 

Do Milton and Lydia get married on ‘Love Is Blind’?

Though I wasn’t too confident that Lydia and Milton would say “I Do” at the end of Season 5, they surprisingly proved me wrong. During episode 10, which dropped on Oct. 13, the pair tied the knot in front of their close family and friends. The ceremony was filled with emotions and TBH, I shed a little tear watching Lydia and Milton exchange vows.

Despite my doubts, Lydia and Milton looked to be so in love during their wedding, so much so that Milton immediately kissed her before the officiant reminded him that they hadn’t reached that part of the ceremony yet.

The episode ended with the pair enjoying their wedding reception, where Lydia said she was looking forward to “the beginning of our forever.” So cute!

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