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luke newton and bridgerton siblings
luke newton and bridgerton siblings
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Wait, Did Luke Newton Accidentally Leak ‘Bridgerton’s Season 4 Main Character?

Every season, Netflix’s hit Regency-era drama Bridgerton follows one sibling in the esteemed Bridgerton family as they attempt to find love — no matter how unorthodox, unlikely, or forbidden it may be. When one season ends, rumors soar on social media, with fans theorizing which sibling the next season could possibly be about as they analyze easter eggs, behind-the-scenes photos, and more. After all, there is no better detective than a die-hard fan.

While the series is based on a book series written by Julia Quinn, assuming which sibling’s story is next is not as simple as looking at the order in which each sibling-centered book was published. For example, the blossoming love story between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, which is featured in Season 3 of the Bridgerton series, is actually the central plot of the fourth book in Quinn’s lineup of novels. This is the first season to deviate from the book’s order, and this now-unpredictability has left fans attempting to decode any potential clue alluding to which sibling will be the main focus of Season 4.

And they may have recently gotten a big clue: In a May 22 interview with Buzzfeed, actor Luke Newton (who portrays Colin Bridgerton) may have made a slip-up that could hint at which Bridgerton sibling is up next to be featured. In the interview, Newton describes his experience as the season’s lead to his fellow co-stars Claudia Jesse (who plays Eloise Bridgerton) and Luke Thompson (who plays Benedict Bridgerton). “​​[Nicola Coughlan and I] were really lucky that it felt like we had two years to prep for it,” he says, referencing the fact that he and Coughlan played supporting roles in the first two seasons. “We knew that we were next … So getting to watch the [other leads] was a real treat actually.” After this, he then turns to Jesse, saying, “You had that as well, to be fair.” 

So, was that a nod to the fact that Jesse’s Eloise is taking the spotlight next season? It’s unclear, but Jesse’s reaction hints it may have been. Her response to Newton — “I don’t know what you’ve been saying for the last five minutes!” — seemingly brushes off his comment, but perhaps the lady doth protest too much? 

Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting an Eloise Bridgerton season and have often speculated what it could look like. Eloise has often been looked at as a feminist icon in the show, so fans find it very important for her season to still value these important beliefs while falling in love with her love interest — who is {spoiler alert!) canonically Sir Phillip, though fans saw sparks flying in Season 2 between Eloise and Theo and some even think there’s some ~vibes~ between her and Miss Cressida in Season 3.
Whether the next season will highlight Eloise’s pursuit for love, or that of another Bridgerton sibling (cough, Benedict!), fans will be on the lookout for more hints. With Part 2 of Season 3 releasing on June 13, there are still plenty more clues to come.

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