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Louis Tomlinson’s Documentary Will Be Full Of One Direction Nostalgia

It’s been over a decade since Louis Tomlinson auditioned for The X-Factor and covered “Elvis Ain’t Dead” by Scouting for Girls and “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s. It was also through X-Factor that we got the boy band that shaped many of our middle school years, One Direction, with Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. While together, they released five albums and had five No. 1 singles during the six years. The band broke up in 2016, leaving many teenage girls heartbroken (I can still hear the sobs of my classmates the day they made the announcement). 

In the years that followed the band’s departure, Tomlinson hasn’t shied away from the music industry, though. He’s released two albums, Walls in 2020 and Faith in the Future, which was released on Nov. 11, 2022. It’s clear that music is Tomlinson’s passion, whether he does it in a group or as a solo artist. 

On Feb. 8, 2023, Tomlinson announced that he would be releasing a documentary, All Of Those Voices, that details his musical career and would be released on March 22, 2023. On Feb. 22, 2023, the trailer was released and it feels like a time capsule of my middle school years. 

The trailer runs just under a minute and hits you with all the One Direction memories. It begins with a montage of past events, including fans at concerts, photoshoots, vacations, interviews and the boys in the studio as a voiceover says, “Performing for one last time tonight, ladies and gentlemen, it’s One Direction!” In a much more somber mood, it transitions to Louis saying, “I thought for me it was the band or nothing. It was hard for me to imagine myself on my own. I didn’t see a way back. Not even musically, just to do anything” over videos of him at the beach, in hotel rooms and at the studio. Previously, Tomlinson has stated that he was jealous of Styles’ success, but that all the band members are on good terms — still, though, he’s not sure if there will ever be a One Direction reunion. 

He continues in a much happier mood with, “Then I started to feel, oh, maybe I do have some individual work. What about making some music?” over a montage of him playing guitar and him in the studio. As the trailer continues, the audience gets glimpses of him looking a lot happier and prepping for tour. The trailer concludes with him saying, “Welcome to my world” before a slug appears that says “All of Our Voices” and shows the release date of “In cinemas worldwide from Wednesday, March 22.” 

Whether you’ve been a fan of Tomlinson since the One Direction days or got into his music in the more recent years, you’ll be able to see his music career from where it began to where it is now in this documentary. Feel free to break out your old One Direction merch and jam out to both Tomlinson’s old and current discography while you wait for the weeks to pass until the documentary comes out!

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