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Swifties, Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Era Is Full Of Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloweekend is upon us, so I hate to break it to you, bestie, but it’s time to finally purchase those costumes that have been sitting in your cart. Listen, I’m a procrastinator to my core, so if you’re scrambling for last-minute Halloween costumes, you’re not alone. 

For my pop culture-obsessed people, Halloween is a time to show off your celebrity knowledge. From niche rhyme without reason costumes to recreating iconic celebrity Halloween looks, pop culture is the It Girl theme every year, and with all the drama of 2023, there definitely isn’t a shortage of ideas to choose from. But, for my Swifties, Halloween 2023 isn’t just spooky season — it’s Taylor Swift season. Swifties are quick to recreate the singer’s iconic moments. Don’t lie, I know some of you already bought a matching Travis Kelce and Swift couples costume or are emulating Mother’s football fan era. This upcoming Halloweekend isn’t just a time to play dress up, it’s a celebration, especially because the re-release of 1989 drops on Oct. 27. So for my procrastinating Swifties who are 1989 stans to their core, it’s our time to shine. Here are 11 last-minute 1989-inspired costumes that use clothes you already have in your closet and won’t break your bank. 

1. 1989 outfit from the Eras Tour 

You’ve seen the Lover bodysuit recreations and the Evermore “Willow” moment, but it’s time for the 1989 concert era to shine this Halloween, and the costume for it is incredibly easy. All you need to create Swift’s concert outfit is a matching sparkling two-piece set in either orange, pink, green, or blue. If you have one of those colors in a crop top, then just add the matching sequin skirt from Amazon. P.S. It’s available for Prime two-day shipping. 

2. 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album cover 

The day is almost upon us, so it’s only right to celebrate the re-release of 1989 by emulating the ethereal vibes of this album for Halloween. With multiple editions of the album available, Swift gives you a lot of options to choose from — and they are all probably lying in your closet. You can opt for the iconic 1989 (Taylor’s Version) cover outfit with a slinky, simple white dress accessorized with a red lip and her signature bangs. Or you can opt for my personal favorite edition of the albums, the Aquamarine one, which features Swift in a blue and white pin-striped button-up and jeans. C’mon, I know you have a striped button-up lying around from the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic days. 

3. “Blank Space” music video 

OK, Swift was serving expensive, luxurious housewife in the “Blank Space” music video and I’m living for it. What’s even better is the costume is essentially pajamas. There are varying versions of Swift from the music video, so pick your poison. You can do an easy black lace lingerie bodysuit topped with a black lace robe and sleeping mask similar to what Swift wears in the opening scene. You can do a cheetah print dress, but this must be accompanied by runny mascara, messy hair, and a red lip. Or you can do the iconic white cream set that wouldn’t be complete without a golf club to take to your ex’s car. You can recreate that closing look with this Amazon cream mini skirt and Forever 21 leather tube top.  

4. Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video outfits

Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video is arguably her most memorable one. From Selena Gomez to Gigi Hadid, the music video was stacked with celebs. But it was also stacked with an array of stunning outfits to recreate. Since we’re on a time crunch, channel Swift’s simpler outfits from the video. You can choose a full leather catsuit (Amazon of course has one on speed dial) and top it off with protective construction eyeglasses, which you can probably get at your local hardware store, from the scene when she’s walking with the torch. Or you can do the jaw-dropping final look that consists of a leather bralette and shorts, knee-high boots, black gloves, arm bands, and a dark-red wig. 

5. “Style” music video

The “Style” music video was simple yet stunning and that’s the vibe we’re going for since Halloween is in less than a week. For this one, all you need is a white criss-cross halter top and white shorts. Of course, top it off with a red lip. 

6. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour “Good For You” performance 

This one is for my besties out there. Name a more dynamic duo than Selena Gomez and Swift, especially during their “Good For You” surprise performance on the 1989 World Tour. If you’re more of a Gomez type of girl, all you need is a black spaghetti-strap bodysuit with gold and mesh accents, similar to this one from Forever 21. Top it off with black shorts, a stacked choker, and knee-high boots. 

For Swift’s look, you need a white sweetheart neckline tube top and white shorts, accessorized with black boots and garters. For the sequined part of the look, you can buy a silver sequined trim from a craft store and hot glue it on. Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait. 

7. Muddy “Out of the Woods” Taylor 

If you’re a true Swiftie, then you know the “Out of the Woods” music video outfit is iconic, especially because her Eras Tour premiere fit was an Easter Egg for it. Yes, the “Out of the Woods” dress is beautiful, but it is Halloween after all. So, we’re channeling muddy “Out of the Woods” Swift to emulate the spookiness of the holiday. All you need is a simple v-neck baby blue dress and dirty it up with black eyeshadow to make it look like you just crawled through a forest to escape wolves. 

8. “Wildest Dreams” music video 

Reason number 1,359,789 why I love Blondie: All her music video outfits are iconic yet so simple. It’s like she knew we would be grasping for straws the week prior to Halloween. The “Wildest Dreams” music video is yet another outfit that is a staple in Swift’s music video history but is so easy to recreate. It’s giving horse girl meets safari meets Hollywood movie star. To channel Safari Swift, grab a white button-up, khaki pants, and brown boots. To really sell the look, curl your hair in old Hollywood glam waves. 

9. A Dove from the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album cover 

OK, this is so niche, but I’m begging someone to do this. I know Swift is the star of the show on the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album cover, but the doves are giving main character energy. All you need is an all-white outfit topped with angel wings. Bonus points if you print out a sign that says “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” and wear it all night. 

10.“Shake It Off” music video 

“Shake it Off” is the It Girl of the 1989 discography. It wouldn’t be the 1989 era without her. Luckily, the music video outfits are super easy to recreate. If you’re channeling ballerina Swift, all you need is a gray leotard and a gray sheer shawl to throw on. If you’re feeling like preppy Swift that also matches the 1989 Taylor during the “Look What You Made Me Do” set on the Eras Tour, you can get a matching uniform from Amazon. 

Grammy’s Album of the Year outfit 

1989 is a memorable era on its own, but its 2016 Grammy award for Album of the Year was the cherry on top. In my humble opinion, Swift also deserved an award for her red carpet outfit that night. It’s easily one of Swift’s most recognizable award show look, so be the star of the show with an orange tube top and pink skirt. It wouldn’t be complete without a bob wig to channel Swift’s 1989 staple hairstyle. 

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