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5 Beyoncé & Taylor Swift ‘Eras Tour’ Premiere Halloween Costumes For You & Your Bestie

Beyoncé attended Taylor Swift’s The Era’s Tour film premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 11 in Los Angeles, and the internet collectively lost its mind. Seeing the two most talented global superstars together in the same room was like a dream come true for both fanbases and definitely a linkup for the history books! Both musicians have undoubtedly solidified themselves as the best of the best in the music industry, and with the sold-out shows they put on this year, both Swift and Beyoncé took it a step further by bringing their concerts to the big screen. Swift’s premiered on Oct. 12, while Beyonce’s will hit theaters on Dec. 1. 

Swift and Beyoncé took pictures together in customized looks that fit their images perfectly. Swift’s floral-imprinted, light blue gown by Oscar de la Renta meshed beautifully with Beyoncé’s LaQuan Smith jumpsuit and its coordinating chrome breastplate. With both of them hitting the carpet in fashionable looks and with Halloween coming up, their looks would be a perfect costume duo for you and your bestie! Although their looks are one of a kind, here are some similar looks that’ll make you and your bestie feel like superstars. 

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie Premiere Costumes

SHEIN Privé Draped Collar Ruched Split Thigh Cami Dress ($16)

This gorgeous light blue gown makes a perfect yet simple Taylor Swift premiere dress dupe. This gown is similar yet different in its own way, and will pair perfectly with your bestie’s Beyoncé look! 

Maxianever Flower Embroidery Gown ($60)

This beautiful embroidered gown is an excellent dupe for Swift’s premiere look. Its classy and flowy fabric will undoubtedly have you feeling like you stepped on the red carpet yourself! 

Petal And Pup Women’s Flourish Maxi Dress ($89)

This Petal & Pup maxi dress will help you put your own spin onto Swift’s premiere look! With adjustable straps and an invisible zip-up, this white flower maxi dress would go great with any pair of shoes and jewelry. 

WaterDress Spaghetti Strap Satin Gown ($55)

This light blue satin dress will ensure you look as radiant and elegant as Taylor Swift. 

SHEIN Off-Shoulder Floral Appliques Mesh Dress ($53)

You can’t go wrong with this powder blue floral mesh gown. This off-the-shoulder dress gives similar vibes to Swift’s premiere look, and will ensure that you are the best dressed of the night! 

Beyoncé Eras Tour Movie Premiere Costumes

SHEIN Icon Metallic Mock Neck Crop Top ($5)

This iconic metallic crop top paired with the wrap frame sunglasses makes a perfect Beyoncé premiere look. The chrome of the top pairs incredibly well with the sunglasses, and will create the ultimate chic, futuristic look. 

SHEIN ICON Solid Asymmetrical Hem Leather Tank Top ($5)

This leather tank top has its own twist, which is great for a Beyoncé premiere look. The metallic look of the sunglasses and top makes a great pair, and will go with any black jumpsuit or romper you choose! 

CIDER Metallic Asymmetrical Neck Crop Top ($12)

The metallic, asymmetrical neck crop top is the ultimate Beyoncé premiere look dupe and would’ve made an excellent Renaissance tour outfit! The sheer design of the top pairs very well with the sunglasses. 

Fashion Nova Party Goes On Metallic Corset Top ($21)

The “Party Goes On” name for this metallic corset top is sort of perfect for this costume. With this top, you will surely be the life of the party. Pair the top with these stylish one-of-a-kind flame glasses, and you get the best duplicate Beyoncé premiere look! 

Windsor Future So Bright Metallic Crop Bustier ($35)

You can’t go wrong with this metallic crop bustier. The silver shiny look is perfect, similar to the Beyonce premiere look. Pair it with the Y2K sunglasses, and you’re set to match your Taylor Swift bestie! 

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