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Lana del Rey performs during Lollapaloosa Sao Paulo 2018 at the Interlagos racetrack on March 25, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Lana del Rey performs during Lollapaloosa Sao Paulo 2018 at the Interlagos racetrack on March 25, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Photo by Alexandre Schneider from Getty Images
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Lana Del Rey’s Band Member’s Cryptic IG Post Hints At A 2023 Tour

Lana Del Rey stans, I have some news you might be interested in. With the release of Del Rey’s ninth studio album, Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard, right around the corner, many are wondering if we’ll get to see the artist embark on another tour. Yes, it may sound crazy because Del Rey hasn’t toured (or performed live) for a few years. Alas, fans have held onto hope that Del Rey would return to the stage after she released the new album, and many have good reason to believe so. So, is Lana Del Rey going on tour in 2023? The answer: Maybe

Speculation of potential 2023 tour dates began in late 2022 after Del Rey released the single of the album’s same name. What seemed to be baseless hearsay has quickly picked up traction online. TikTok users have run to the platform to seemingly “break the news” that Del Rey would be performing come 2023, which has actually somewhat come true. She’s been announced as a headliner at Brazil’s MITA Music Festival alongside Florence + the Machine.

However, just because Del Rey is confirmed to perform at one music festival this year doesn’t mean she’s going to tour… or does it? On Feb. 26, one of Del Rey’s band members, Byron Thomas, took to Instagram with a promising post. He shared a video full of clips of Del Rey performing on stage with audio from her latest single A&W, accompanied with a caption that read, “On the way… Spring/Summer 2023” with a #tour hashtag. Not to mention, Thomas also tagged Blake Lee and Alexandria Kaye in the video, who both have happened to tour with Del Rey in the past. Sound the alarm, I’m officially freaking out. 

Del Rey herself even commented on the post, writing, “Okayyyy B” from her private account @Honeymoon.

Of course, Del Rey fans began freaking out, sharing the news to their own platforms claiming that a tour was most definitely incoming. Pop Hive, too, took to Twitter on the same day to announce that Del Rey would “reportedly tour with her new album.” Did they announce this news based on Thomas’ Instagram post? Who knows, but I’m here for it. 

But, are there any official tour dates out there yet? Sadly, no. Trust me, I’ve scoured the internet, nad haven’t found one *official* trace of tickets out there yet. As of right now, the only concert listed on Del Rey’s Ticketmaster is for Billboard’s Women in Music celebration on March 1. 

It’s safe to say I’m gearing up for a second Ticketmaster fiasco with a potential Del Rey tour looming. Del Rey fans, get ready, because I have a feeling if a tour is about to take place, tickets are going to get snatched up fast

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