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I have a confession to make — I am a Lana Del Rey stan. It’s true, I’m totally obsessed with the vibe and discography of the proclaimed queen of indie pop. If you know anything about Del Rey, you know that she always says her life is her poetry, something that she abides by in and outside of her music. Like Taylor Swift is dedicated to her easter eggs, Del Rey, too, uses symbolism in her music and everyday life that fans often find a deeper meaning behind.

You’ll know this is true if you’ve taken a look at Del Rey’s social media, but then again, her only Instagram account is private… So is that a metaphor in itself, too? Is there a secret method to getting accepted into Del Rey’s private Instagram page, or is it just by luck of the draw for a few two million followers that get to see a peek into the life of this creative? Let’s discuss.

Del Rey has been no stranger to the negative repercussions that come along with the use of social media, especially as a public figure. As an artist who has suffered criticism of her music and persona since her rise to mass stardom in the early 2010s, Del Rey has often steered clear of using social media in a way that many of our other favorite celebrities do. 

Why did Lana Del Rey make A private Instagram page?

While some socialites use their socials in a fun light to hop on trends, Del Rey’s pages have become an extension of her discography. No, really — her @Honeymoon Instagram page was originally created to promote her album of the same name. The bio of the private account reads, “Honeymoon is alive and breathing,” which hasn’t changed since Del Rey opened the account back in 2015. 

The expression seems to call back on how Del Rey prepped fans for the release of the album, serving as a symbol that new music was on the horizon. Now, it seems to be a metaphor for a little more than that, hinting that Del Rey is still active and upright, no matter what controversy may come her way.

It’s safe to assume that Del Rey’s Instagram account is private because she wants some privacy when it comes to her socials. However, that doesn’t mean that she keeps the account up exclusively for family and close friends — a whopping 2 million people have still been able to follow the artist. After announcing she was going to deactivate most of her socials in September 2021, @Honeymoon remains one of her only accounts that’s still up. That leaves me with just one question: How can I get her to accept my follow request?

There’s no secret way to have Del Rey accept you into the account.

First things first, it’s important to note that there’s no secret formula that fans follow to coerce Del Rey into accepting them on the Instagram account. Quite honestly, many fans who follow the page have been following since 2015, simply got lucky catching the account while it was switched to public, or have been randomly accepted by Del Rey.

You can follow accounts that notify fans when Del Rey “opens” up the page.

While the Instagram is primarily kept on a private status, Del Rey does randomly switch the page to public from time to time. She doesn’t, however, open the page up on a strict schedule, but rather in irregular moments that you really just have to be stealthy enough to catch. In the past, being requested to an Instagram account that turns public would automatically accept users in, but that’s just not the case anymore.

Trust me, I’d know… I’ve been requested to @Honeymoon for quite some time, and I check the page from time to time to see if maybe Del Rey decided to go public by chance. But, no one can sit around checking the page each and every day to see if it’s been turned public, that’s unrealistic. Or… is it? 

There are dedicated fan accounts that keep a close on Del Rey’s Honeymoon account so you don’t have to. Instagram accounts like @DidLanaGoPublic report each time that Del Rey changes the account to a public status, giving fans an opportunity to follow the artist. You can turn on their post notifications to never miss when Del Rey goes public if you’re itching to be accepted (like myself). 

Keep an eye out for updates.

Honestly, if you’re dedicated enough to Del Rey’s career, you’ll hear when the account goes public. One of Del Rey’s only other forms of official media happens to be her website, where you can find updates about her new music. While I’m not saying that her website will report on when Del Rey plans to turn her Instagram public, you will be able to find information about her music which could *maybe* lead to hints about when we could expect more activity from her.

Follow pages that post Del Rey’s posts.

As big of an artist as Del Rey is, I think it’s safe to assume that she knew her “private” Instagram stories and posts would leak to the public. That hasn’t stopped Del Rey from posting candid moments with her family and friends, as well as more information (and tea) about her music. If you’re eager to see these posts but haven’t been accepted into her account, there are pages that repost every post Del Rey shares. Instagram pages like @HoneymoonPublic and Twitter accounts like @LDRHoneymoonIG reshare Del Rey’s @Honeymoon posts for those of us who haven’t been accepted into the private page. In addition, they’ll likely let you know if she’s opened the account up.

All in all, there’s no way to ensure that you’ll be accepted into @Honeymoon until you actually are. This message is for Del Rey and Del Rey only, so if you’re not her, keep scrolling: Please accept my follow request!

McKinley Franklin is a writer and recent college graduate from East Carolina University. She was Her Campus' fall 2022 entertainment and culture intern and is a current national writer. McKinley specializes in entertainment coverage, though her favorite niche of the industry is reality television.