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Kelly Zutrau of Wet on Why She Wanted a Show of Female-Led Acts

On a Tuesday evening in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Kelly Zutrau is enjoying a day off after only kicking off her tour two days before. Though it might seem like an ordinary evening for the artist, it’s anything but. Zutrau is the frontwoman of the band Wet, and they are co-headlining with Kilo Kish around the U.S. until March 30. 

“Usually every tour I’ve been on has generally been with mostly dudes,” Zutrau said. This time, though, she’s taking control. “We really wanted to put together an interesting show of all female-led acts for this tour,” she said. Zutrau wanted the female acts to be complementary to each other, which lead to her reaching out to Kilo Kish to co-headline, and Deland and Vu to open the show. “It’s exciting to be around a bunch of talented, cool women,” Zutrau added. 

In addition to the tour, Wet just released two tracks titled “Old Bone” and “Trust No Man,” both lighter, raw songs that Zutrau wrote during an emotional time. “They [the songs] both were written during times where I going through these periods of loss in my life and trying to make sense of the chaos at the time and I was sort of just writing out of necessity and that’s what came out,” she said. 

Though they’re riding the positive responses for the new singles from fans and enjoying the start of tour, Wet is planning on slowing down a bit after this tour ends. Zutrau says they plan on hitting the studio when they get home. 

“We are planning on spending some time in the studio after this, probably won’t be touring again for awhile actually,” she said. “We’ve toured quite a bit over these last two years now so I kind of want to get settled and just start working on new music. I really want people to know this is the last time we’re going to be touring for a little bit and they should come see these shows.” 

Wet will be on their North American tour until March 30, playing both the new singles during the set.


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