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Julia Garner and Mark Foster via Instagram

Julia Garner & Mark Foster’s Wedding Screamed Old Hollywood

Julia Garner – of Netflix’s Ozark and upcoming Inventing Anna fame — is basically living every rock star wattpad fantasy in realtime. Her husband, Mark Foster, is a musician, her wedding dress gave off a vintage Hollywood vibe, and the slow burn of their relationship timeline is the stuff that fanfictions are made of. Forget about where Anna Delvey is now, where is Mark Foster, and how do we get our own copy of him? Whether you’re living vicariously through obsessing over Garner’s Instagram photos with her husband or if trying to manifest your own rock star partner, you’re in the right place: here’s everything you need to know about Julia Garner and her husband.  

Julia Garner’s Husband, Mark Foster, co-founded the band Foster The People. 

Foster is 36 years old – 10 years older than Garner – and was born in San Jose, CA. He’s the lead vocalist and a founding member of the grammy-nominated pop band Foster the People. If you still don’t recognize him, perhaps directing you to stream “Pumped Up Kicks” will refresh your memory. 

They met at Sundance in 2013. 

Garner and Foster met at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 but they didn’t exchange contact information or start dating for years. “In our first conversation, we realized that my grandmother lived in the same small town that his dad lives in,” Garner told Vogue, and they went on to see each other whenever they were both home during Christmas holidays. “It kind of became a tradition,” she added.

They dated for less than a year before getting engaged.

It was several years before the two started to see each other officially. When things finally did turn romantic, the couple dated for just 10 months before Foster proposed, according to Vogue. It was on an RV road trip across the country, shortly before Garner had to leave to film season 3 of Ozark. In that interview with Vogue, Garner recalled the moment being “surreal and beautiful,” detailing the dreamy proposal at Flathead Lake, Montana. Foster took Garner on a walk around the water and read her an original poem (another privilege of having a rockstar, lyrically-inclined partner) before asking her to marry him. Garner, of course, said yes. 

They were married at New York City Hall in December of 2019, and Garner’s wedding dress was a pantsuit.

The couple had a beautiful, intimate New York City Hall wedding, similar to the one Julia’s parents had in the exact same place 40 years before, according to Vogue. The actress wore a beautiful white pantsuit to the ceremony and a delicate white dress to the party — both designed by Danielle Frankel – and their wedding photos scream old Hollywood aesthetic. 

They are clearly truly in love with each other. 

When Garner won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama at the 2020 Emmy Awards, she called Foster “the love of her life” in her acceptance speech. On their first anniversary in December of 2020, Foster called her his north star

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