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So, Um, Can We Unpack That JoJo Siwa “Karma” Music Video?

If you’ve been on TikTok over the past couple of weeks, the odds you’ve seen a video of JoJo Siwa promoting her new song are high. On April 5, Siwa released the song and music video for her song “Karma,” which has grown in popularity on TikTok over the past couple of weeks. Siwa has been teasing this song for quite some time now, and after the music video dropped, the internet had lots of thoughts.

“Karma” is the first installment in Siwa’s rebrand in the music scene, and it’s quite the way for her to start off this new era. Instead of wearing big bows, vibrant colors, and lots of rhinestones, Siwa has taken a trip to the dark side (no, like, quite literally — she’s wearing black and white face paint and seems like she’s cosplaying as a band member from KISS). She’s also getting spicy with these lyrics! Let me tell you, the transition from “Boomerang” to “Karma” isn’t something I expected. 

Siwa has been teasing this song on TikTok for a couple of weeks now and it has gone crazy viral. (No lie, I can’t go on TikTok without seeing at least one video from her or about her each day.) As cringe as the internet thought marketing was, it worked — because it’s all people are talking about. 

On April 5, Siwa released the music video for “Karma,” and the internet was divided. I’m all for giving credit where it’s due so I’ll give Siwa this one thing: the song is catchy. There, I said it! However, the music video… let’s just say this ain’t the same girl who was gonna come back like a boomerang

The video opens up with Siwa in an absolutely insane outfit — once again, I truly think she’s trying to become the next member of KISS. She’s seen sitting on the beach in this outfit, then getting up close and personal with a mystery girl. Fast forward to about 35 seconds in, Siwa is on a cruise ship in an all-white ensemble doing the iconic choreography. TBH, not sure how we ended up on a boat. But sure! 

After doing the choreography for the song, Siwa literally jumps off the boat and goes into the ocean. (Once again, I have no idea what’s going on here.) The choreography continues again, except she’s some sort of sea creature now. By the end, Siwa somehow reunites with the girl (who is also a sea creature?), and the video ends with them going back in time (?), before looking into each other’s eyes on the beach. So romantic, right?

Like I said, the internet is divided. 

Oh, and if you’re one of the people who felt the impact of the NYC earthquake, I think we know who did it.

I really wonder what Abby Lee Miller thinks about this. 

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