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Bring Back The AIM Nostalgia With These Instagram Notes Away Messages

It’s no secret that Gen Z is a nostalgiac generation, specifically when it comes to the ’00s. Y2K fashion aside, it appears as though even our social media platforms are looking to take a walk down memory lane into the land of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM, FYI) and early internet glory. ICYMI, Instagram just began rolling out a new update called “Notes,” and while the response has been pretty mixed, there’s no denying that this new tool is a fun twist on a blast from the past.

With the Notes feature, users will be able to post a 60-character status update that will appear in the inboxes of their followers (or Close Friends). This allows brands to promote sales in a new way since social media is right at our fingertips. However, it’s also a way for us to relive that early ’00s nostalgia by setting status updates, and the occasional infamous away message. You know the one. And if you don’t, then I’m really aging myself here.

If you’re a ’90s baby or early ’00s kid, you know what I mean. And, chances are, you’re looking at IG Notes as a way to redeem yourself from the horrid away messages you used to set in early middle school. (Yup, there was a time before Snapchat.) Or, alternatively, you might just be looking at this update as a means to spread that good ‘ol Y2K nostalgia, no Sidekick required. Regardless, here are 15 Instagram Notes messages that, like, totally would’ve worked on AIM. TTYL.


We will never forget these sounds! AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was super popular in the early to mid 2000’s before Facebook took over. #aim #aol #aolinstantmessenger #awaymessage #instantmessaging #aimsounds #aolsoundeffect #2000sthrowback #2000s #2000snostalgia #2004 #millennialsoftiktok #socialmedia

♬ original sound – user76356203714
“Can’t sleep :/ TXT me if ur up <3"

The OG “u up?”

“brb hw”

Perfect for finals season.

“G2G bye”

Alternatively, “GTG.”

“~*Profile currently under construction*~”

A classic. I thought I was so clever with this one, TBH.

“Dreaming about (insert emo band frontman) <3 So hot <3"

Mine was Pete Wentz.

“RAWR <3"

An absolute classic. This will be in our history books someday. (It means “I love you” in dinosaur, if you didn’t know.)

“brb @ hot topic XD”

Because where else would you be with your $10 allowance? Duh!

“Mom needs me :/ BBl”

Believe it or not, “BBL” actually stood for “Be Back Later” when I was eight.


I wanted this tattooed on me for a time.

“So Mad Rn >:( Txt if u need me”

Is it me? Am I the drama?

“u can always retake a class but u can never relive a party ❤”

Perfect for if you’re out at a post-finals holiday party. (PS, retaking a class impacts your GPA… so you might wanna study before hitting the frats. Just sayin’.)

Only fools leave away messages :P”

Haha, you’re so funny and meta.



“not here rn bc I’m waiting for %n to get offline”

The original shade was putting someone else’s AIM username in your away message. Obviously, this is a cute one you can do with your besties — internet bullying is, like, so 2000s.

“Away <3"

Keep it simple.

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