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Here’s Why You Might Not Have The New Notes Feature On Instagram Yet

Instagram’s new Notes feature has been the talk of the internet ever since its release. Whether it’s criticizing its similarity to Twitter or being entertained by the unusual posts and corny jokes left by users — yes, the person beside you is a clown, we get it — the update of leaving 24-hour messages has been met with mixed reactions so far. But for a lot of people, the app’s new novelty just hasn’t been showing up. 

If your Instagram account doesn’t have Notes at this point, that might be because the feature is not available in your region. The update originally started out through a test phase, so its usage began as limited to some selected users back in June. With the Dec. 13 update, it was released to the general public, but it may still not appear to all users. 

On the other hand, if the Notes section is available in your region but isn’t showing up like it was supposed to, it can also be because you have an older version of the app. Make sure you’ve updated Instagram to the 263.1 version, the latest one available. 

If it still doesn’t show up, the only solution is to wait until the feature is rolled out to you. It has been offered gradually to users across the app, so it might not have reached your account just yet.

If you do have the new feature and want to test it out, it’s pretty easy to do so. To reach your Notes page, just go to your inbox. At the top of the direct messages, there will be picture bubbles of people you follow with short text. If you wish to share your own, just click on the “+” button hovering over your own profile picture.

Isabella Gemignani

Casper Libero '23

Isabella Gemignani is a National Writer for Her Campus and editor-in-chief of Her Campus Casper Libero. She covers everything culture-related for the national website - and oversees her chapter's content production, which involves editorial, social media, podcast and events verticals and makes up a team of over 100 girls. Beyond Her Campus, Isabella writes for the architecture and design magazine Casa e Jardim, Brazil's oldest magazine currently in the editorial market. With a 70-year-old history, Casa e Jardim is known for its traditional culture, gastronomy and lifestyle curation. When not writing – which is rare –, Isabella can be found reading classic novels and looking for new music releases that remind her of the feeling she had when she listened to AM for the first time.