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Ice Spice at the 2023 MTV VMAs
Ice Spice at the 2023 MTV VMAs
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images
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Fans Are Cracking Up At Ice Spice’s VMAs Reactions Caught On Camera

Award shows are filled with hilarious audience reactions that eventually turn into memes — and the 2023 VMAs are no different. During the live show on Sept. 12, cameras caught Ice Spice’s reaction to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of their new song “Bongos.” Naturally, fans were quick to circulate Ice Spice’s reaction on Twitter/X. Many thought the “Barbie World” rapper was throwing shade at Cardi B, as she is seen making a face while standing next to Taylor Swift in the crowd. But these cameras catch everyone at the most inopportune moments, so it probably meant nothing. 

For the last few months, it’s been rumored that Ice Spice and Cardi B have beef. The speculations began in June 2023 when the internet was convinced Cardi B’s performance during the 2023 Hot 97 Summer Jam in NYC included a subliminal Ice Spice diss. After the show, Cardi B shut down these rumors on Instagram Live. “For y’all muthaf*ckers that’s on Twitter tryna be messy, please, cut the bullsh*t,” Cardi B said. “I don’t — that’s not me, like come on now. First of all, y’all been wanting me to be messy all things. Y’all wanted me to be messy on the song, y’all wanted me to — nah, come on now. Cut the bulls**t, please. Get a mop. Y’all being too messy and y’all being annoying.”

Though it’s been months since these beef rumors first circulated, the internet thinks there’s still drama between the two rappers just from Ice Spice’s reaction at the VMAs alone. 

Some are convinced Ice Spice hasn’t moved on from Cardi B’s apparent diss. 

Meanwhile, others pointed out that Ice Spice stood up and clapped for Cardi and Megan The Stallion after their 2023 VMAs performance, seemingly debunking feud rumors.

It seems people are looking too much into Ice Spice’s facial expression during Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance. This wouldn’t be the first time fans have assumed there’s drama between celebrities. Neither Ice Spice nor Cardi B have publicly commented on the internet’s speculation and likely won’t while the VMAs are going on. Since the “WAP” singer is no stranger to setting the record straight on internet speculations, there’s a chance she could say something later on, but for right now, let’s try not to look into this alleged beef too much. Instead, let’s just assume there’s no drama and that everyone in the music industry gets along — even though that might be a long stretch. 

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