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The House Still Hasn’t Elected A Speaker & The Memes About It Are Golden

Twitter has a way of making the best out of the worst situations, IMO. Think about it: remember when the world was up in flames during Ned Fulmer-gate? Twitter pulled through with the most hilarious memes that I’ve seen in ages. The truth is, Twitter memes make the world a better place… even if everything around us is an absolute circus.

The most recent event subject to memeing has been Congress’ ongoing vote for Speaker Of The House. On Jan. 3, the House came together to elect a new Speaker Of The House, following Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s withdrawal. However, three days later, the House has yet to elect the new Speaker Of The House.

ICYMI, following the midterm elections in 2022, the Republican party became the House majority. Despite their majority, the party has yet to come together to formally elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy — out of the 222 Republicans in office, 20 have chosen to support Rep. Byron Donalds, and one chose to simply vote “present” (all 212 Democrats voted for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries). In order for the House to move forward, the winner must have 218 votes. Essentially, all the Republican party needs are 17 Representatives to cast a vote for McCarthy. Until then? Nothing can get done in Congress.

Luckily, Twitter is making light of this (seemingly never-ending) political madness. And the memes? Well, they’re fantastic.

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