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These Memes Had Us All Screaming In 2022

This year was full of wild viral moments, bombshell pop culture news stories, and some of the best memes from Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Whether it was the longstanding feud between Elmo and Rocco that has existed for years, but reemerged online in January 2022 or the recent jokes pouring out from the finale of HBO’s White Lotus of Jennifer Coolidge’s rich and aloof character Tanya McQuoid, there was much fun to be had. 

While I can’t cover every meme and template, it’s important to give honorable mentions to the viral videos that also shaped the culture this year. Sam Smith caught dancing in an alleyway by a TikTok user’s apartment made us absolutely howl and realize that even famous celebs look ridiculous when filming in public. 

Additionally, comedian Dylan Adler’s backflip video at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter broke the internet. Adler is hysterical on Twitter, and many did not understand that his tweet saying, “I was rejected from being a dancer at universal studios so I came to watch their first show,” was a joke. He even made a meme about his viral video

Overall, there were so many internet moments, songs, and videos we love and cherish from 2022. Here are the top 40 memes of the year. 

Adele At The NBA All-Star Game

Adele is all of us when we’re in literally any public setting. As the singer avoided staring directly at the cameras during the February 2022 NBA All-Stars game based in Cleveland, she made a fabulous meme that has lasted up until the end of the year. And of course– she enjoyed sitting courtside with her boyfriend and Cleveland-based sports agent Rich Paul.

All The Stranger Things Memes

When Twitter compared Vecna to Jim Carey’s Grinch… yeah, they had the right idea. Beyond hilarious Vecna memes, Will Byers became a meme king with his iconic bowl cut and now-famous crying scene. Additionally, we all fell in love with season four’s hero Eddie Munson who gifted us with the wonderful “This is music!” meme. We love a metal king.


The “Megan dance” is, perhaps, some of the best horror movie promo-turned meme of 2022. In fact, a group of pros even replicated the dance for the movie’s world premiere. If you’re a scary movie fan, make sure to get your tickets to the BFF robot doll-centric flick M3gan, releasing on Jan. 6.

Cassie From Euphoria

Euphoria, one of the biggest shows of the year and of HBO, yielded several great memes, including Maddy’s “B*tch, you better be joking” line. However, Cassie emerged an internet star while lying down in the bath tub in episode one of season two, while crying in the bathroom saying “I’ve never ever been happier,” and while crying in the hot tub. Sydney Sweeney can really do it all!

I bring a sort of…vibe…

2022 was the year of vibes, and some of them were most definitely — er — off this time around. There’s always next year, right?

It’s Corn

You know the song, you love the song. Little Tariq, aka “corn kid,” is a viral celebrity now after his appearance on Recess Therapy, a channel where host Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviews kids on the playground. After Tariq adorably described corn as being his favorite food, The Gregory Brothers from YouTube channel Schmoyoho remixed the interview to the tune heard all over Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and more. Even better, Tariq’s viral fame has granted him the opportunity to be South Dakota’s corn ambassador.

Elmo and Rocco In A Feud

Elmo literally has enemies. Even a muppet can be a little messy, and that’s totally OK! This year, we saw Elmo go after fellow Sesame Street character Zoe’s pet rock Rocco. The feud has a storied past, and will likely continue in the SSCU (Sesame Street Cinematic Universe).

Girl Explaining

She is the moment. She is too relatable. She is what we all look like explaining Taylor Swift’s Midnights Easter eggs to our partners.

She’s a 10 But…

She’s an 11. She is always actually an 11.

Tanya Moments from White Lotus

Okay, okay, okay… The White Lotus was a Sunday night event this past winter. And Emmy Award-winner Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid stole the show every single time. Between this intense, albeit hysterical, gun scene and her instantly iconic “These gays, they’re trying to murder me,” she will forever be important in the pop culture zeitgeist. (P.S. Portia’s outfits weren’t as awful as Twitter made them out to be!)


Elvis deserves all of the makeup awards. All of them.

“Microwave Popcorn” TikTok Trend

Bo Burnham is going viral yet again with song “Microwave Popcorn” from The Inside Outtakes. It speaks perfectly to all people and situations who need directions laid out super duper clearly.

Negroni Sbagliatto with Prosecco In iT

I assume every bartender and mixologist is cursing House of the Dragon‘s Emma D’Arcy for popularizing this drink during this HBO actor on actor interview. D’Arcy definitely knows how to order a drink with a strong punch. Stunnin’.

Cover Singer Guy

Cover singer Rodger Cleye has arrived into viral TikTok fame at 56 years old. By singing the biggest hit songs, TikTok users found themselves copying Rodger’s face and voice into a setting that reminds them of themselves. Honestly, a middle-aged man has never been more relatable to young women.

Scream 6 Train

Ghostface is officially back and he might be hunting down your other NYC faves with this brand-new meme just in time for the EOY round-up.

The Bear

After watching a show as intense and scream-y as FX’s smash-hit The Bear, we deserve some comic relief. Enter Carmy looking like this, and allowing us to share our own *high-level* foodie skills on Twitter.

Miss Flo

Miss Flo was serving nothing but look after look throughout the whirlwind that was the Don’t Worry Darling press junket. Though she made few public appearances, she managed to look elated in unbothered in every photo. This purple matching set and aperol spritz combo is truly aspirational.

Chris Pine

Florence Pugh wasn’t the only one who had a rocky time with the Don’t Worry Darling set and promo, Chris Pine (a huge Miss Flo stan) looked incredibly unamused at the 2022 Venice Film Festival press conference. Admittedly, this is me in any math class I’ve ever been in… so I get it, Chris.

AMC Nicole Kidman

AMC is an even more magical place now thanks to Nicole Kidman’s ad. The pin-stripe pant suit also ruled Halloween this year. Kidman fans are thrilled that a follow-up ad is already written, and I’m on board, too.

Homelander from THe Boys

The Boys is a comic book-turned Amazon Prime series success that follows the battles between superheroes who use their powers to help and superheroes who take advantage of their status- with political messages intertwined in each episode. Homelander, a rather grotesque “superhero” character, made his way onto Twitter with this now widely-recognized surprised and delighted face.

Time To BeReal

It’s time to BeReal, and it’s also time for Lea Michele to BeRead. Sorry… it was too easy.

Haim sisters dance

danielle haim pls give me a chance #fyp #haim #bostoncalling #boston @haimtheband

♬ Gasoline – HAIM & Taylor Swift

Honestly, this trio is so cute, they can do anything. We’ve all learned this dance for parties, right?

Little Miss

Little Miss still obsessed with this meme template. Don’t judge me!

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown on Hot Ones… you will always be famous.

American Girl Doll

Okay, I know this one hits a little too close for some, but we really do need this American Girl Doll. Kit Kittredge is a journalist American Girl from the ’30s and clearly has no idea what Instagram stories are.

The Rehearsal

Honestly, you just have to watch this show, It’s far too hard to explain. Nathan Fielder got his HBO budget and just went ham.

I Did It Myself

Julia Fox had several meme-able moments this year, but her interview on the red carpet of the 2022 Academy Awards put the internet in a chokehold. In combination with her thick, dark eyeliner that she did herself… yeah… she created a TikTok sound with millions of views.

The End Of Twitter

We all really thought our memes were going to be lost forever, huh? Scary times of doubt still call for dark humor, though! In case Elon Musk ruins Twitter for good, there are fortunately alternatives to try out.

Heidi Klum Worm

Heidi Klum is an inspiration to girlfriends who ask their partners, “Would you still love me if I were a worm?” everywhere.

Queen Elizabeth Reincarnated

The Queen died just around the time Trisha Paytas gave birth to her child Malibu Barbie… the timing is a little perfect, don’t ya think?

Emma Chamberlain and Jack Harlow

It’s giving… “When you call your teacher ‘mom'” energy.

Titanic Boat Trend

Hoping that these boat riders have a better time than Leo did.


I think Horace is into me. 🤓

♬ Feel No Ways – Drake

This year, the internet fell in love with Horace, a little dancing guy in a red onesie with really enchanting blue eyes and killer moves. The 3D animated character was originally created by JQ Gray in 2019 and it lived on Instagram, but at the time, Horace was in his birthday suit. Now in 2022, the Horace TikTok filter has his now-iconic little outfit that users know and love.

Whimsical Little Creature

Sometimes, the best memes make the least sense. Enter “Whimsical Little Creature,” the little flying elf guy who has most likely dominated your FYP. Many people on TikTok have joked about the puppet telling their friends and family members “Look, it’s you as a baby.” This little guy is already popping off on Etsy shops. He is the whimsical man we deserve.

Adam Levine Texts

Cheating is embarrassing, but Maroon 5’s Adam Levine cheating and saying nonsense like this? You might deserve a few jokes thrown your way. Thanks for the meme template Adam, and sorry about the confusion, Adam Devine of Workaholics fame.


Not only did Rosalía bless us with an album and a tour in 2022, she shared her attitude and now-iconic outfits. I will only chew gum in this particular way now.

Sit on It

Steve Harvey seemed to be a super popular costume with ladies in high schools and colleges everywhere. The man, the myth, the mustache legend took over TikTok with a vengeance with his hysterical Family Feud soundbite.

“I’m the problem, it’s me”

I can’t go anywhere with those puppy eyes 🥺 #dogsoftiktok #cutedogs #puppyeyes

♬ Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

From Taylor Swift’s most recent album Midnights, smash-hit “Anti-Hero” is the gift that keeps on giving. With a combo of relatability and self-awareness, the lyrics: “It’s me. Hi! I’m the problem, it’s me,” work for so many situations on TikTok and Twitter, it’s unreal.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson, I like you, but I do not trust you. I also do not trust myself around you.

My Money Don’T Jiggle Jiggle…

Who would have ever thought that British journalist and documanetarian Louis Theroux would make the penultimate viral meme song of the year? Theroux originally shared the lyrics during an interview on Chicken Shop Date. This ultimately turned into a song produced by English duo Duke & Jones. Then, TikTok even made it a dance trend, and Jason Derulo featured on the track.

Happy 2023 and may our resolutions all involve making a good year of memes. Did I miss any of your faves from 2022?

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