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Did Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Split? TikTok Seems To Think So

As you probably know by now, a lot of things happened at the Don’t Worry Darling premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 5. Harry Styles may have spit on Chris Pine (although a representative for Pine insists this wasn’t the case), Florence Pugh missed the press conference, and Olivia Wilde even addressed the rumors of the two beefing. But another thing that happened was that Styles and Wilde — who have been in a relationship since the filming of Don’t Worry Darling — barely interacted during the premiere, leading fans to believe that their relationship may be over. (Her Campus reached out to Wilde and Styles’ teams for comment but didn’t hear back by the time of publication.)

The rumors began to fly when Styles seemingly refused to stand next to Wilde in a cast photo after being asked to by someone from Olivia’s team. Throughout the night, the two barely interacted, not sitting next to each other and hardly making eye contact. It was a stark contrast from the couple’s typical PDA, as the two are constantly caught by the paparazzi holding hands and making googly eyes at each other. Styles’ co-star Nick Kroll even got more attention from Styles than Wilde, as the two shared a smooch during the night’s trainwreck — I mean — festivities. 

Fans are now over-analyzing the pair’s cold interaction and searching for answers. In a now-viral TikTok, user @notthesameasitwas posted a reaction to a news anchor saying, “And Harry and Olivia actually dated throughout filming, although that relationship has ended.” 

Users swarmed to the comments section of the video, with one user saying, “He gave her the famous Aquarian ice out on the red carpet I knew it was done.” However, others were quick to question the news source and defend Styles and Wilde’s relationship, with one user saying, “WHY ISNT ANYONE NEWS LITERATE?” and another saying, “How can we be 100% sure that the reporter is right tho like genuinely ??” 

User @notthesameasitwas also posted another video to the app, saying, “TRYING TO FUNCTION AT WORK AS IF I DIDN’T JUST FIND OUT THAT HARRY IS OFFICIALLY A SINGLE MAN.” While many users shared @notthesameasitwas’ excitement about the split, another user commented, “Y’all i hate to break it to you cause i’m hoping it’s true too, but just cause a news reporter says it doesn’t mean it’s legit 😭 we’ll have to see.” 

Neither Styles nor Wilde have come forward to address the rumors of a potential split.

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