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harry styles and emily ratajkowski
harry styles and emily ratajkowski
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See The Video Where Manifestation King Harry Styles Called EmRata His Celebrity Crush

If you’ve been online these past few days, then you know why we have gathered here today — you can’t escape the video of Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski (EmRata) making out in Tokyo. Harries, are you breathing OK? 

On March 25, Daily Mail dropped a video of Styles passionately kissing model EmRata in Tokyo. Fans are unwell, to say the least. They were just recovering from the whole Olivia Wilde relationship, which ended in November 2022, and now this. Not to add fuel to the fire, but this relationship has actually been a long time coming — and Styles essentially spoke it into existence. Her Campus reached out to both Styles’ and Ratajkowski’s teams for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Remember when Jack Harlow potentially manifested a relationship with Dua Lipa when he namedropped her in his song “Dua Lipa”? Well, it seems like Styles is a manifestation king too. He planted seeds when he admitted to EmRata being his celeb crush in a One Direction interview back in 2014. If you’re not still shaken up by the video, then let’s take a look at how this surprise couple came to fruition. 

Styles was candid about having a crush on EmRata in his 1D days.

I guess the saying is true: All good things come to those who wait. Back in 2014, all was right in the world. One Direction was still together and doing playful interviews (and fans weren’t having to shut off their phones because they saw a video of their favorite person doing what should be an illegal amount of PDA). Though 1D might not be together anymore, these interviews live on. One interview, in particular, is now coming to haunt the Styles stans. 

In 2014, all the members of One Direction sat down for an interview with Telehit. The interviewer asked the boys who their celeb crushes were. Names like Lindsay Lohan and Emma Watson were thrown around by the other boys, but Styles spoke up and said his celeb crush was none other than EmRata, with little hesitation I must add. Something about admitting to celeb crushes lays the groundwork for potential relationships. I mean, the same thing happened to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber when he admitted to having a crush on her in 2009. Two years later, they started dating. 

What seemed like a casual, playful answer by Styles is really a glimpse into the future. Now eight years later, Styles and his celeb crush have been spotted making out in the streets of Tokyo. Though painful for them to admit, fans are arguing that the law of attraction is real and Styles singlehandedly manifested this relationship, using the old interview as evidence. 

It’s important to acknowledge that wherever there is a public Styles relationship, a trail of manifestation follows. In his last publication relationship with Wilde, fans were quick to point out how he loosely manifested that one as well with the One Direction song “Olivia.” 

Harries, don’t come for me, but he knows exactly what he’s doing — he spoke him and Ratajkowski into existence. 

There are subtle hints that this potential couple was coming. 

I know this might come as a shock to you Harry stans, but there were hints leading up to this moment. EmRata and Styles have been friendly with one another for a little while. Putting the old interview aside, Ratajkowski was spotted at his Paris show back in July 2022. As if Styles’ dating life wasn’t weird enough, EmRata attended the show alongside his ex, Wilde. Ratajkowski and Wilde have been longtime friends, with the two hanging out at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party just two weeks before the viral PDA video. I can’t imagine how that convo went… yikes. 

The kiss between Styles and EmRata comes not too long after her and Eric Andre’s situationship ended. She and Andre posted a rather revealing photo of the two together on Feb. 14, making their relationship public. However, not even three days later she hinted that the two were no longer together when she posted a TikTok on Feb. 17 saying, “What should you do when a situationship ends? Start another one.” And that she did. 

So, though the two making out might not be on your 2023 bingo card, it definitely was on 2014 Styles’.  With all the talk of dating rumors, the two have yet to speak on the viral video or confirm a relationship, but I’m sure the Harries will be the first ones to know. 

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