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The outside of the Four Seasons Orlando Resort.
The outside of the Four Seasons Orlando Resort.
The Four Seasons Orlando Resort
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Help, I Can’t Escape The Four Seasons Orlando Baby

Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando? The ritzy hotel is being mentioned all over social media, but not for the reason you might think. Yes, the location boasts a close distance to Disney World, a full-service spa, and, like, five pools, but that’s not what’s making the resort viral: It’s the Four Seasons Orlando Baby meme.

No, I’m not glitching. If you’ve been on the internet, then you’ve most likely seen what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t, I’ll explain. The Four Seasons Orlando Baby meme stems from a viral TikTok video posted on May 17. In the post, a woman off-camera asks a man, a baby, and a toddler, “Who wants to go to the Four Season Orlando?” Almost instantly, the baby — who is in a diaper and looks to be no older than 1 or 2 — raises a finger and excitedly says “Me!”

How the hell does that literal baby even know what the Four Seasons Orlando is?! The “Me!” was so competent that I have no doubt that this baby probably even knows about how the hotel’s fifth pool isn’t technically a pool. (It’s a bay where the waterslide drops into, in case you were wondering). I’m not alone in my confusion: The video has been viewed over 24 million times, amassed 3.4 million likes, and spawned a flurry of viral memes.

For the most part, folks are confused. How is the Four Season Orlando Baby so sentient? NGL, I’m a little terrified.

Some think the Four Season Orlando baby is ready to party.

Someone get this baby to Orlando. Now!

I don’t know if the Four Season Orlando Baby made it to the resort yet. But man, I really hope she’s living it up. It’s what she deserves.

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