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Will “Espresso” Be The Song Of The Summer? Spotify Is Banking On It

I don’t know about you, but the lyrics “Say you can’t sleep, baby, I know. That’s that me, espresso” are stuck in my head constantly. From walking around my town to trying to focus on a work assignment, the lyrics are entrapped in my head. Even my roommate can’t stop singing it. It’s just so catchy we can’t help it. It’s our hot girl anthem. And, apparently, it’s Spotify’s, too.

Sabrina Carpenter’s hit “Espresso” debuted in April 2024, pushing its way and establishing itself in the Billboard Hot 100, sitting right below her newest song, “Please Please Please” and above Tommy Richman’s “MILLION DOLLAR BABY.”

I can’t help but think, will “Espresso” be the song of the summer? Billboard is in charge of the Song Of The Summer, which is an actual title given out and is granted to one single track annually. The Song of the Summer chart is based on how songs are positioned on the Hot 100, which is determined by a song’s sales, streaming numbers, and radio airplay. 

Recently, some Spotify users have come out and said that “Espresso” auto-plays while they’re using the app, even if they were listening to something else. It’s no surprise that the song is taking the charts by storm, capitalizing on social media and streaming platforms and gaining 34 million streams by Memorial Day Weekend

In one X post, Pop Crave said that Sabrina Carpenter had the song stuck in her head for months before it was released. She said that she wanted to, “put that burden on other people.” It’s safe to say that people don’t mind, even if the song is auto-playing no matter what they were listening to.

I’m not the only one humming the song everywhere I go. Adele is obsessed with the song, claiming, “That song is my jam!” Carpenter responded in an X post writing, “All [I] read was Adele thinks about me in bed <3.” We love a good girl power moment. Katy Perry continued the empowerment, posting an Instagram reel of her singing along to “Espresso.” Even Van Leeuwen is obsessed, creating an “Espresso” ice cream flavor with Sabrina’s face on the pint.

If you’re looking for the perfect song to blast in the car to the beach or sing your heart out with your besties, this is it. And if “Espresso” ends up being the song of the summer, we might have Spotify to thank.

Gabriele Barrocas

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