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The ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2 Trailer Is Here, & I’m Already Invested In The Love Triangle

The holidays are approaching fast, and that means more time at home to binge-watch all of your favorite Netflix Christmas movies and shows — like the second season of Emily in Paris which will finally be released on Wednesday, December 22. Although we still have to wait a minute, the trailer just dropped, so we can at least be sated by the glimpses of glorious French fashion until it’s time to officially add it to our queues. It’s giving love triangles (yes, Lucas Bravo is back in the cast), workplace antics, and fancy European vacations — which is exactly the type of escapism I need after a long, busy fall season. Here’s what you need to know about the new season of Emily in Paris.

So, when can I watch season 2 of ‘Emily in Paris’?

If you’re ready to divulge in the drama, fear not: Emily in Paris season two premieres on Wednesday, December 22 on Netflix, just in time for your holiday break. The season will feature ten, 30-minute episodes, which are perfect to stream while online shopping, decorating cookies, and dreaming about a hunky Parisian paramour. 

The season 2 trailer teases fashion, romance, & adventure

Netflix first posted a teaser of the new season on September 25, which, admittedly, didn’t tell us a whole lot other than the fact that Emily is going on a glamorous vacay, and that the outfits will be fire. However, now that the season two trailer has dropped, it looks like things are about to get a whole lot juicier. 

All of your cast favorites are returning

Emily in Paris was Netflix’s most-viewed comedy series of 2020 and documents the adventures of Emily Cooper, a Chicago marketing exec who lands her dream job in Paris. In season two, producer and actress Lily Collins (who got married this year) will return as the lead and will star alongside series regulars Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie Grateau) Ashley Park (Mindy), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Camille Razat (Camille), Samuel Arnold (Luc), Bruno Gouery (Julien), and William Abadie (Antoine Lambert).

the plot involves a love triangle & potential new flame

In season one, Emily struggled to gain acceptance from snarky coworkers and gain her footing in France — plus, she landed herself in a sticky love triangle by accident — with none other than her neighbor, Gabriel, and her friend Camille. In season two, Emily is getting better at navigating life in Paris but, as one can probably guess, she isn’t fully immersed in French culture quite yet. She will continue to grapple with the love triangle, and despite being determined to focus on her job, things may or may not go according to plan.

“Her life is in chaos,” says Emily In Paris writer Darren Star in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I don’t think she’s a person who’s ever been involved in any sort of messy relationship. And the more she tries to control things, the more they actually get out of hand.” 

Collins herself adds that the struggle is definitely real in season two: “Emily is reeling from the night before, and grappling with this love triangle she’s found herself in,” she tells EW. “She’s left in an awkward position and has to make the best of it.” 

An awkward situation indeed. Based on the season two trailer, the plot has only thickened with said love triangle with Gabriel and Camille. Despite Emily’s intention to take some time away from her cute neighbor, it appears sexy time will get the best of them (as it does) and things will continue to get…complicated. In the trailer for season two, we hear Camille say, “Gabriel has decided to stay in Paris, but there’s something behind this — I just don’t know what it is.” Shortly after, we hear Emily say, “I have to talk to her,” which implies that confrontation with Camille might be on the horizon. Yikes. 

According to Netflix, Emily will also meet “a fellow expat” in season two “who both infuriates and intrigues her,” which sounds like the perfect recipe for sexual tension to me. Between that and the existing love triangle, I’m not quite sure who — or what — to root for in this show. Who will Emily ultimately end up with, if anyone, and will she get to keep her friendships? Will she be successful in her job and ultimately stand up for what she wants? I guess we’ll have to wait until season two to find out.

Emily in Paris/Netflix

Let’s talk about the fashion

Apart from the inevitable drama that Emily’s love life will bring in season two, I’m also looking forward to a slightly more fun aspect: the various fashion looks. In the season two trailer alone, I’m seeing florals, sequins, lace, tulle, bucket hats, neon-colored blazers, 70s-style hair accessories, and hot pink athleisure from Emily and her friends. Other characters sport classic Parisian girl uniforms, wearing black and white, neutrals, and perfectly-tailored looks reminiscent of any “cool girl.” Personally, I’m all for Camille’s boxy blazer and low bun combo in the season two trailer — the girl knows how to dress.

I wonder if Emily’s fashion sense will evolve into something more Parisian in season two, or if she’ll continue to rock the loud, bright colors and prints from season one. There’s a hint of her embracing the sleek Paris-girl look around 00:30 of the new trailer, where she’s rocking an elegant striped top and a high pony. I have nothing against her over-the-top looks, but I’m always here for a European-influenced style glow-up.

To find out what happens next in Emily’s Parisian adventures, be sure to tune in on December 22 on Netflix. As Emily’s boss, Sylvie, says in the final scene of the season two trailer: “If you’re going to do Paris for one year, for God’s sake, do it right.” May the games begin. 

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