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Should We ~Expect~ To See Camille In ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 4?

This post contains spoilers for season 3 of Emily In Paris.

If you’re reading this, then it’s probably safe to say that you watched the season 3 finale of Emily In Paris. And, since you did, I can confidently say that I’m not the only one who is absolutely gagged. Seriously, did any of y’all see that finale twist coming?

If you need a refresher, or a spoiler, let me jog your memory. Season 3 of Emily In Paris has a few running storylines, but nothing as juicy as the whole Emily-Gabriel-Camille love triangle. While Emily continues her relationship with Alfie, Camille and Gabriel spend season 3 trying to make things work. However, once Emily finds Camille kissing Sofia, her friend, at Alfie’s housewarming party, it’s a definite signal that this couple might not have a happy ending after all.

While Emily decides not to tell Gabriel about Camille’s infidelity, Gabriel decides to propose to Camille. His plan doesn’t go through, but not for the reason you’d expect (you know, the whole Sofia thing?): Camille is the one that pops the question. To say that the season is full is twists is an understatement, TBH.

However, after Emily confronts Camille about her affair at the engagement party, Camille and Gabriel spontaneously decide to just, you know, fully get married. And while they’re at the altar, ready to say “I do,” Camille breaks things off with Gabriel, telling him that she shows that he’s truly in love with Emily. After a short spat with her mother, Camille leaves.

After this, Gabriel and Emily talk outside. And while this would have been the perfect moment for these two to profess their love for each other, the Emily In Paris writers decided to give us something we didn’t ~expect~: Camille is pregnant.

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Just like that, the season ends — and I’m not alone in wondering just what will happen next. Will Camille and Gabriel try to make it work? What about Alfie? Will Emily become a stepmom? Most of all, will Camille even be in the next season? While I may not be able to answer all of your burning questions, here’s what we know about Camille’s fate in Emily In Paris season 4.

Will Camille Be in season 4 of Emily In Paris?

While this may be frustrating to learn, Camille’s status in Emily In Paris is kind of unknown for season 4. Neither Netflix nor Camille Razat (who plays the character) has confirmed her return, and details of the upcoming season have been nil. However, Razat hasn’t expressed any distaste for the Netflix show, nor has she shown any desire to leave the cast. She even posted a video of herself and her costars celebrating the announcement of season 3 and 4 — so I’m taking that as a sign that we’ll see more of Camille in the future. Here’s to hoping that we’ll get to see Camille for another season, possibly with a baby in tow!

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