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Caption Your Next Instagram Post With These Doja Cat Lyrics From ‘Scarlet’

Doja Cat’s long-awaited Scarlet album, is finally here! The singer takes full ownership of her confidence and independence, exceeding the typical formula of a “haters back off” record in all the best ways. If the album’s previously released singles – “Paint The Town Red,” “Demons,” and “Attention” are any indication, Doja did not come here to play around

A piece of context that Doja often references in Scarlet includes beef with her fandom over X (formerly known as Twitter). While she recently clarified that she does love her supporters – just not in a parasocial way – her experience with social media has caused her to grow thicker skin, and therefore, a more mature perspective too. 

In fact, at first glance, it’s hard to believe the same artist behind Scarlet put out Planet Her, a bubbly, easygoing, pop-rap project just two years prior. She has made great strides both sonically and lyrically, primarily because she assumed an alter ego to write Scarlet. She even named her third studio album after this glorified, blood-thirsty persona. Sure, she flexes her fame and the dollar bills multiple times, but the heart of the album lies in a metaphor about reclaiming yourself. 

Since she’s unapologetically passing that message on, why not do the same on Instagram! Here are some lines from the Scarlet soundtrack I’ll most likely be using as my next Instagram post captions.

“She put her foot to the pedal, it’ll take a whole lot for me to settle.” – from “Paint The Town Red”

Save this one for a pre-workout selfie, where you can flex big time. 

“I’m going to glow up one more time.” – from “Paint The Town Red”

So iconic of you. You go, bestie. 

“Kick me out the Met but I really run fashion.” – from “Demons”

Just like Doja – when it comes to fits, you’re at the top of your game. 

“That’s a new Mercedes, I am graduatin.’” – from “Ouchies”

Looking for the perfect non-overused caption for getting a new car or graduating from school? Here it is. 

“Round one: fight. Round two: ice. Round three: bye.” – from “Ouchies” 


“I ain’t lookin good? You halluncinatin.’” – from “Ouchies” 

Because you look FIRE and no one can tell you otherwise! 

“Got a lot of things to be happy ’bout.” – from “Shutcho”

Perfect for a cute little photo dump.

“I wanna show you off.” – from “Agora Hills”

Shoutout to your SO. 

“When you leave, I’m moving very awkwardly without you.” – from “Can’t Wait”

Use it on a cuter, more casual pic with your boo. 

“I love it when my life’s like this.” – from “Love Life”

Another one that works well for a photo dump. It could also work for a fire solo pic. 

“I love it when my friends call back.” – from “Love Life” 

For that priceless group pic with your besties. 

“It don’t need your lovin’, it just needs attention.” – from “Attention”

For the newly single queens who are ready to start MOVING ON, this one’s yours! 

“Ain’t no competition when they hear me slide.” – from “WYM Freestyle” 

Know your worth bestie! 

“I get my life and it’s giving.” – from “WYM Freestyle”


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