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Doja Cat Showed Her Fans She Loves Them… With A Message In Blood

Doja Cat’s been treating her Scarlet era like she’s picking a flower. Does she love her fans, or does she not? The rapper came under fire this summer for answering fans who asked her to say “I love you” to them on Threads with the blunt response “I don’t though cuz I don’t even know y’all.” Now it looks like Doja’s been caught in a lie red-handed… with both blood and paint on her hands.

At The Scarlet Experience hosted by Spotify on Sept. 22, the “Paint the Town Red” singer literally painted a window red with the words “I DO [heart] U” written in all caps. In a video posted by X user @toxic_mind1, a masked Doja dips her hand into a bucket of red paint and writes the message on the inside of a window facing her screaming fans. Once she finished, she doused the whole window with handfuls of paint before spelling out “THANK YOU” next to her original message.

The Scarlet Experience took place at a secret location in Los Angeles. It was also streamed live on Doja’s YouTube channel for Kittenz who didn’t get an in-person invite. At the event, the singer performed the songs from the album’s soundtrack — in addition to past hits like “Kiss Me More”— live for the first time alongside an advanced clone of her demonic alter ego, Scarlet. Statues of Scarlet have been popping up in major U.S. cities like New York and Chicago in the weeks leading up to the album’s release, but this was the first time any of those statues moved. Foggy Media reports that “the clone flawlessly mimicked Doja Cat’s every move, from her dance routines to her vocal prowess.”

The implications cloning technology has for the entertainment industry are terrifying, so let’s focus on happier things like Doja’s demonic paintings. The singer slash artist spent 45 minutes of The Scarlet Experience working on a painting of a demon framed by the words “NOT AFRAID.” Her “I DO [heart] U” message took fifteen seconds and is just as controversial. 

After her original response to the fans who asked her to say “I love you” to them sent the internet into a tailspin, Doja doubled down on her feelings. She responded to outraged fans, “nobody forced you [to support me] idk why you’re talking to me like you’re my mother b*tch you sound like a crazy person.” The FADER reports that many Doja Cat fan pages deactivated their accounts after her Threads went viral in July 2023, but if the fan response to Scarlet is any indication, Doja seems to be in their good graces once again.

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