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The Meaning Behind “Agora Hills” By Doja Cat Is Sweeter Than You Think

It’s Friday and we all know what that means… new music! This Friday, Sept. 22, is not one to be missed, because Doja Cat released her highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Scarlet. My favorite song from the album? It’s got to go to “Agora Hills,” especially because the meaning behind it is just too good not to love.

While her last album, Planet Her, had massive success being the tenth best-selling album of the year, and featured hits like “Woman” and “Get Into It (Yuh),” critics questioned her status as a rapper. This led Doja Cat to release a grittier follow-up that steers away from pop with inspiration rooted in hip hop and R&B. Listen, IDK about you, but I’m loving it. 

Now, Doja Cat released four singles prior to Scarlet (“Attention,” “Paint The Town Red,” “Demons,” and “Balut”).  Then, on Sept. 22, Doja dropped Scarlet along with releasing her song “Agora Hills” as, yet another, accompanying single complete with a music video. Let me tell you, it’s a total bop. But even more than that, it’s lyrically fantastic, and the meaning of “Agora Hills” is actually pretty cute — (purposeful) typo and all.

What is “Agora Hills” by Doja Cat about?

First off, “Agora Hills” is not only the name of the song but also where Doja Cat grew up. In the music video, she is wearing red heels and clicks them three times; perhaps this is an ode to The Wizard Of Oz and she is ready to return home. Also, this may signal Doja’s return to her true roots as a rapper, as she is pivoting away from the pop music that led her to worldwide fame.

Is “Agora Hills” a love song?

Now, I don’t mean to jump the gun, but is it possible that marriage is on Doja Cat’s mind? It seems that “Agora Hills” is not only about returning home but perhaps finding the one she can go bring home, with lyrics like “Kissin’ and hope they caught us,” and “I wanna tie the knot.” So, yeah — it’s safe to say that Doja Cat blessed us with a love song this time around.

We all know celebrity relationships can be tricky with constantly being in the limelight (not everyone can be Tom Holland and Zendaya), and it seems like Doja Cat is looking for a SO that can take the heat of the public eye and step up to the plate with lyrics like, “Who that man with the big strong hands on her ass in the club with the paps?/ Baby, that’s you,” and “Hope you can handle the heat, put your name in the streets / Get used to my fans lookin’ at you,” illustrating her desire for a strong partnership that she can show off to the world.

While she is asking a lot of a person to be front and center to the public eye, she also reassures a potential suitor that she will dismiss public criticism about the relationship saying, “F*ck what they heard / I don’t f*ck with them birds.”

Now, lastly, if you were still skeptical about how serious Doja Cat is, the next line will seal the deal… literally: “Take you ‘round the world, they don’t have to understand / Rub it in their face, put a rock on her hand.” With these lyrics, it doesn’t seem far off to say that Doja Cat is ready to find the one and won’t apologize for it.

But wait, why did Doja Cat spell Agoura Hills wrong?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed that Doja’s song “Agora Hills” is actually spelled wrong: The proper spelling of the city is actually “Agoura Hills.” So, is this “typo” on purpose? Possibly! Perhaps Doja is trying to draw emphasis on the word “you,” as the song is a love letter to a certain person out there. After all, “Agora Hills” is wrong without “u,” so I’m chalking this one up to symbolism. Doja, was I right? LMK!

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