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Sorry, But There Won’t Be A Syd & Carmy Romance In ‘The Bear’ Season 3

Hulu’s hit show The Bear is back, and so is fans’ desire for two main characters to get together. Since Season 1, fans of the show have shipped Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (played by Jeremy Allen White) and Sydney Adamu (played by Ayo Edebiri) — the passion for the two to get together led to their ship name, SydCarmy,  being created. Even with other love interests being explored for them both in Season 2 (people still aren’t loving Claire), SydCarmy stans always come back to the pair’s possible slow-burn romance. 

Episode 1 of Season 3 is already a fan favorite. The cinematography and storytelling are wonderful, and the episode truly shows the (somewhat) calm before the storm. It highlights the characters’ journeys to get where they are now, mainly through flashbacks with little dialogue but a lot of feeling. SydCarmy shippers are going to love the end of this episode in particular. 

At the end of Episode 1, there is an invisible string SydCarmy moment that the writers executed perfectly. As we know from Season 1, Sydney went to the three-star Michelin restaurant Noma while Carmy worked there and fell in love with the food. This was way before they even met, but they already shared a bond through this, and they had no idea it would lead to more in the future. Of course, we knew Sydney was a fan of Carmy’s food, but to go back and see him plate her dish, which he worked so hard to get right and send out, was magical. 

Scenes like this still give SydCarmy fans hope that they’ll be endgame in a later season. But despite fans still shipping the couple, both leading actors shared that SydCarmy won’t be happening this season. At a press conference for the show on June 24, White and Edebiri said “No” when asked if there would be a romantic relationship between their characters in Season 3, according to Vanity Fair. “There was no talk in the rooms about any romantic implications [between Carmy and Sydney],” White said. 

Of course, rumors about the two actors dating in real life have also been circulating — this increased speed when the two were spotted looking cozy together at a baseball game in May 2024. The two seem to continue their chemistry off-screen, even on the Season 3 red carpet. As always, White had nothing but amazing things to say about his co-star at the event. “She’s a beautiful actress and a very intuitive actress. And I think she’s a very beautiful and intuitive director as well,” White said at the premiere of The Bear Season 3 in an interview with Variety

White talked about working with Edebiri in her Vanity Fair cover story and continued to say the sweetest things. “We really enjoy each other in life, on camera and off camera. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her as a person, but also as an artist. And so I hope that sort of that kind of thing shines through on camera between Carm and Syd,” White said. 

SydCarmy shippers and the rest of The Bear fans are excited the show is back. Many people (me included) plan to spend the day watching the whole season. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for Season 4. The following season was filmed along with Season 3, so it’s likely that it’ll be released sooner rather than later. In the meantime, SydCarmy stans have a few crumbs to feed them in these new episodes. Press play and “let it rip.”

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