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Demi Lovato’s New Tour Will Feature Free Therapy Sessions for Fans

When Demi Lovato isn’t on stage or recording hit albums, she works to destigmatize mental health. Now, she’s bringing her mental health advocacy with her on tour. E! News reports that Lovato is offering free therapy to all her concert-goers during her upcoming Tell Me You Love Me tour — which just gives me another reason to try to nab some tickets!

Back in Sep. 2017, Lovato announced that she was taking on a new Mental Health Ambassador position at Global Citizen, so it’s no surprise that she would use her resources to help her fans experience the benefits of therapy.

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On Wednesday, Lovato explained to Good Morning America host Robin Roberts that she plans to utilize these vital therapy sessions as a way to kick-start her new mental health initiative.

Lovato told Roberts, “It’s basically like a therapy session before the concerts and we have speakers from all over and we’re also helping out with different charities from around the country. So it’ll be incredible, very moving and inspiring experience.”

According to Glamour, CAST Centers will also provide workshops on the tour. Lovato knows firsthand just how advantageous CAST Centers’ treatments can be, as the organization’s wellness program has helped her recover from eating disorders. (It also helps that she’s currently one of CAST Centers’ partners and co-owners.)

“I just know how important it is to use my platform to help others and to share my story in hopes that it inspires people to either get into recovery or better themselves," Lovato said to Roberts. "Whatever it is, I just want people to know that they’re not alone and I’m here for them."

I'm so glad that Lovato is using her stage (literally and metaphorically) to help demolish the stigma against mental health issue. Because 1 in 5 Americans is likely to experience a mental health issue every year, it’s important to continue the conversation about mental health — because this dialogue will help others understand that it’s okay to struggle with mental health; and furthermore, that it’s okay to seek help.

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