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The Debate Over This Dress is Breaking the Internet

See this dress?

This is the dress that’s currently causing all of the Internet to have a meltdown. It all started with a Tumblr post by a user named swiked, who posed this question to the World Wide Web: “guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the f*** out.”

Naturally, social media was set ablaze with tons of debates about the colors of this dress. Some saw blue and black.

While others clearly saw white and gold.

To answer any of your questions, no, this is not a joke and the Internet is not trolling you. People seriously think this dress is white and gold. Apparently, there’s a science behind it, and there might be a legitimate reason for such a debate. 

Clearly nothing will ever make sense again. 

So, let us know—is this dress black and blue, or white and gold?!

Danielle is a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in English and minoring in Sociology. You can usually find her dividing her time between being Campus Correspondent of Her Campus UGA, binge-watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and daydreaming about being one of Beyonce's backup dancers. If you want to know more about Danielle, you can follow her on Instagram (@danielleknecole_) or Twitter (@DanielleKnecole).
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