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Clay from \'Love Is Blind\' Season 6
Clay from \'Love Is Blind\' Season 6
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Clay From ‘LIB’ Just Went IG Official With His New Girlfriend & The Internet Has… Thoughts

The walking red flag of Love Is Blind Season 6 is once again off the market, or so it seems. On May 13, the internet was surprised to learn that Clay Gravesande — aka AD’s ex who broke up with her at the alter — is dating OnlyFans model Celina Powell.

The influencer shared a video on Instagram of them cuddled while lying in bed together. Powell captioned the post, “life lately 🤍🔐,” making it pretty clear that she and Gravesande are a couple.

Gravesande’s new relationship comes a few months after his romance with fellow Love Is Blind contestant AD played out on Season 6. ICYMI, Clay and AD hit it off in the pods and after overcoming a few roadblocks on his end (like his commitment issues and attempting not to rely solely on physical appearances), Clay proposed to AD.

Throughout the season, it was clear that Clay and AD were physically attracted to each other but their emotional connection was off. While AD wasn’t afraid to make her feelings for Clay known, he struggled with the idea of committing to her.

At their wedding during the Season 6 finale, it seemed like Clay was ready to say “I Do” but he dropped a major bombshell at the alter, telling AD that it wouldn’t be “responsible” of him to marry her. Of course, AD was shocked by this but left the altar with her head held high.

At the LIB reunion, Clay said that not marrying AD was the biggest mistake of his life. Duh.

While he was hopeful that he and AD would one day get back together, Clay now has a new woman in his life, and TBH, fans have… thoughts on this romance.

WHo Is celina powell?

Powell was not a contestant on Love Is Blind Season 6but she does have a career in the spotlight. Powell is an influencer with over 3 million Instagram followers. She also creates content on OnlyFans, where’s she’s amassed over 24,000 likes.

Since Powell’s photo of her and Clay in bed together went viral, people have been flooding X (formerly known as Twitter) with their reactions to this relationship.

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to see this man, like, ever again. After what he did to my girl AD at the altar, I was kind of hoping that another shot at love wouldn’t come easily to Clay. But it seems like he and Powell are happy together and good for them. Maybe he’ll actually commit this time around.

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