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Celeste O\'Connor and Emily Alyn Lind
Celeste O\'Connor and Emily Alyn Lind
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‘Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire’ Stars Celeste O’Connor & Emily Alyn Lind Aren’t Strangers To Supernatural Experiences

If there’s one thing Celeste O’Connor and Emily Alyn Lind have become masters of, it’s dealing with the supernatural. When filming for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire began, Lind felt nervous about entering the Ghostbusters universe, but not because of the ghoulish ghosts. “Joining any franchise is a little scary, but also very exciting,” Lind tells Her Campus in an exclusive interview. “It’s not joining the original ‘80s cast, but you’re joining this generation’s cast. There’s just a lot on the table which was scary at first. After I met everyone, it was so fun and everyone was really welcoming.” 

O’Connor on the other hand, was part of the 2021 film Ghostbusters: Afterlife, so reprising her role for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire was a fun challenge.

“This was my first time revisiting a character that I had played before, so maintaining that consistency of who she is but also adding new experiences and new parts of Lucky was an exciting challenge,” O’Connor says. 

In addition to Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, O’Connor and Lind — who recently partnered with Pure Leaf for its brand new Zero Sugar Sweet Tea —  have starred in other big projects like Madame Web and Gossip Girl, respectively, and have stories about some of the most unbelievable things they’ve experienced while on a set. 

“Getting to be in the spider suit [in Madame Web] was absolutely insane,” O’Connor tells Her Campus. “The process of getting into the suits was also wild. I had to be put in this big machine where my entire body was scanned, they took insane measurements and used technology I had never experienced. It felt like I was in a sci-fi movie.” 

As for Lind, working on the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire set was an experience in and of itself. “All of the scanning, the technology, the makeup, and the special effects all of that was unbelievable,” Lind says. “It’s just so wild.” 

Working on the set of a supernatural film with hectic filming schedules can be a lot on anyone, but O’Connor and Lind found ways to keep self-care their top priority. “After I had a long shoot day or just a really long day, I always try to bring a book. I try to take little breaks throughout the day and go to my own little space and read my book,” O’Connor tells Her Campus. ”Just taking five or two-minute breaks really helps me breathe.” 

For Lind, getting enough rest is a must. “I’m kind of a night owl, so whenever I’m working, I need to adjust and it can be quite complicated when you’re switching from day to night shoots,” Lind says. “Also, drinking enough water. I’m always reminding myself to drink water and to eat because we’re just working non-stop. It’s really important to take a break.” 

Being part of a franchise as iconic as Ghostbusters was an experience that O’Connor and Lind will never forget, especially because both took something away from filming that they plan to implement as they move forward in their careers. 

“Something I learned is that fun and people are really important to me. On this project in particular, it was really fun and exciting for me to connect with Emily and new cast members, and also cast members that I met four years prior,” O’Connor says. “A big part of what I realize I love and value so much is community and connecting with other artists.” 

Similarly to her co-star, Lind plans to make the most out of her experiences on future sets while embracing the fun that comes with it. “One of the most important things that I learned on this project was to simply giggle and give in. A lot of what makes Ghostbusters Ghostbusters is the fun of it and not taking it too seriously all the time, which can be rough when you’re going from one project to the next,” Lind says. “What’s so great about seeing a Ghostbusters film is just letting go and having fun and we had such a good time on set that I think it really shows through.”

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