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Cardi B May Be Serving Community Service, But She’s Still Serving Looks

Cardi B’s OOTDs for community service are something I didn’t know I needed. The rapper has been updating fans on Twitter over the past week, posting photos of her outfits as she gets ready to complete her required community service hours. But just because Cardi’s serving time, it doesn’t mean that she’s done serving looks —  her outfits include pieces from designers like Chanel and Balenciaga, in typical Cardi B fashion. Now we just need a “day in the life” video from her, and I’ll be satisfied. But her captions are by far the best part – Cardi B is now an outspoken advocate for obeying the law and serving your time. 

According to People, Cardi B was sentenced to 15 days of community service hours as part of her plea deal for a 2018 strip club fight. The New York Times reported that the fight happened back in August of 2018 when two female bartenders at the Angels Strip Club in Queens said that Cardi B attacked them. Cardi’s reasoning was that she thought one of the women had an affair with her husband, Offset. The singer was charged with two misdemeanors – reckless endangerment and assault —and the deadline for her community service hours is today (March 1), so unfortunately this might be the end of her OOTD era.

But who knows? We might see Cardi B continuing her community service beyond her required hours. In addition to sharing her outfits on Twitter with her fans, she’s been vocal about how her work has been a “spiritual journey” for her. Clearly from her hilarious captions, she has a newfound respect for law and order.

As for her outfits, this was my NY Fashion Week — there were so many highlights.

The first look that graced our screens was on January 20, 2023 — it also happens to be my favorite. The rapper wears wide-leg jeans, her signature boots, and a cute fitted top. Imagine showing up to your community service wearing Maison Margiela Tabi boots, I’m obsessed.

In another look she wears similar shoes (we’ll see a pattern here) with the caption, “DONT COMMIT CRIMES!”

Thursday’s OOTD caption was “YOU DO THE CRIME YOU DO THE TIME!”

Fans are loving it, and so am I. Twitter always has the best reactions.

“She served (her community)” writes Twitter user @sydney_franklin. Agreed.

This reply from the NYC Service Twitter account had me weak – they also included this shameless plug.

Fans have been sharing how dedicated they are to the daily fit checks.

This one’s out of pocket.

There’s even been a video circulating on Twitter showing Cardi B rapping to her song “Tomorrow 2” at one of her community service centers. She’s just happy to be there – hopefully we’ll get more of this content.

Although it’s sad that today marks the end of Cardi B’s required community service hours, hopefully, her spiritual awakening will have her volunteering regularly (and posting more OOTDs). We need more Tabi boot pics.

Julia is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying Media and Professional Communications with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies. She loves to go thrifting, grab a coffee with friends, and go on walks with her dog!