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Twitter Is Losing It Over Rafe Cameron’s Buzz Cut

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner — and it seems like it’s coming faster than usual this year. With tons of new music dropping left and right, the promise of spring break vacations, and a new season of Outer Banks, it’s as if we’re skipping right over spring and jumping right into that summertime vibe. I’m not mad at it!

But with summer, comes the (for me, dreaded) chop: buzz cut season. It’s the time when those of us who are dating folks with perfect messes of coiffed hair clutch our pearls, hoping our partner doesn’t spontaneously shave it off. However, there are (rare) instances where a person can really pull a buzz cut off — and that’s the case for the Outer Banks fans in the room, specifically Rafe Cameron lovers. IYKYK.

Unless you’ve been totally unplugged, you would know that Outer Banks Season 3 premiered on Feb. 23. The OG cast is back and better than ever and fans are loving it. Especially Rafe Cameron, played by Drew Starkey, and his freshly buzzed ‘do. Spoiler alert: the internet is quite literally in heat. NGL, this is one of those (very) rare instances where a man can pull off a buzz cut, and pull it off well.

First and foremost, Twitter is absolutely freaking out about the big chop.

Additionally, some of the internet is ready to overlook Rafe’s previous… questionable actions due to his new look.

No, you can’t. The only thing that can is extensive therapy.

Despite Twitter’s current frenzy, there are still some users who aren’t ready to hop on the Rafe Cameron train. Stay strong, soldiers.

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