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‘Dance Moms’ Alum Brooke Hyland Is Engaged & My Heart Is So Warm

Breaking news, dance moms fans: the one and only Brooke Hyland just got engaged to boyfriend (now fiancé) Brian Thalman and I’m freaking out. The Dance Moms star shared an Instagram post early on May 6 showcasing her live engagement photos with the caption “Learned that he’s almost as tall as me on one knee — here’s to today, tomorrow, & forever after that.” Thalman gave Brooke a gorgeous gold-banded ring and y’all, these photos are giving romantic, forest getaway.

With Dance Moms: The Reunion having dropped May 1 on Lifetime and causing a lot of drama, Brooke’s engagement is only strengthening the Dance Moms renaissance (I literally haven’t stopped re-watching old clips on YouTube help). Her sister, Paige Hyland, and the iconic former dance mom Kelly Hyland were both spotted in Brooke’s Instagram post celebrating with the happy couple in the woods. Paige even commented, “Screaming, crying, throwing up!” and “MY SISTER’S GETTING MARRIED,” in all caps. Brooke’s sister isn’t the only Dance Moms star who’s shown her excitement for the news. Dance Moms mothers and alum have flooded Hyland’s comments with love.

Kelly Hyland’s iconic partner-in-crime Christi Lukasiak commented, “Awe!!! So HAPPY for you. I can’t believe you’re grown up enough to get married.” Me neither, Christi. 

Dr. Holly Frazier (my personal fave dance mom) wrote, “Congratulations!!! My heart is bursting with joy!!! Our Brooke is getting MARRIED!!!” 

Our little Kendall’s mom, Jill Vertes, said “Congratulations Brooke!! Such an exciting time for you and your families.” Kendall Vertes herself also wrote, “Just so happy for you.”

Maddie Ziegler, who was absent from Dance Moms: The Reunion, commented “love you both” and Kalani Hilliker wrote, “So happy for you!!!” 

How Long Have Brooke Hyland And Brian Thalman Been Together?

Brooke and Thalman have been dating since December 2021. Brooke first soft- launched the relationship with a post of her and Thalman kissing on March 12, 2022. Since then, Thalman has graced Brooke’s Instagram multiple times a year. The rest is history!

Who made Brooke Hyland’s Engagement ring?

Thalman proposed to Brooke with a gorgeous, gold-banded Brilliant Earth engagement ring. Brilliant Earth is a jewelry brand dedicated to making the jewelry industry more “ethical, sustainable, and traceable.”  In 2024, 96% of Brilliant Earth’s gold and 97% of their silver is recycled. The company even reposted Hyland’s photos to their story, writing, “We are so honored to be a part of your love story!” It looks like Brooke’s gold-banded diamond ring is not only beautiful, but also comes from a sustainable source. We have no choice but to stan!

It’s clear that the Dance Moms girls and mothers are still incredibly supportive of one another after all these years, and I love to see it. BRB, gonna patiently wait for Brooke’s wedding day announcement and re-watch a compilation of all the fights Kelly and Abby had on Dance Moms

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