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ICYMI, The ‘Dance Moms’ Cast Got Matching Tattoos & They’re Super Cute

What better way to celebrate a special occasion like a reunion than with tattoos? After reliving their time on Dance Moms for the highly-anticipated Dance Moms: The Reunion special, the show’s alums decided to get matching tattoos to always have the series with them — literally.

Kalani Hilliker was the first to reveal the cast’s super cute, matching ink on TikTok. In a carousal posted to TikTok on April 26, Hilliker shared a series of photos from a Dance Moms reunion party and one of the snapshots featured was of “dm” —for Dance Moms, obvi — in cursive letters tattooed behind her ear.

Of course, fans quickly flooded Hilliker’s comments section asking for a tattoo reveal, which she did in a follow-up TikTok video.

“Tattoo reveal happening now,” Hilliker said before showing the letters “dm” tattooed on Kendall Vertes’ wrist. Hilliker then panned the camera to the back of her ear to show off her new ink some more.

Since then, the other Dance Moms alums have revealed their tiny tats on social media.

Paige Hyland gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the group’s “trauma bonding” night out as they all got the matching ink on different parts of their bodies. She later gave fans an up-close look at her tiny finger tat.


hugggge s/o to our boy Sergio for putting up with this craziness and trauma bonding us for life

♬ original sound – Paige Hyland

A day later, Paige’s sister, Brooke Hyland, shared a TikTok of her also getting “dm” tattooed on her finger. “‘They aren’t grateful for the show’ **meanwhile, us after a night out,**” Brooke captioned the video.

As for Chloe Lukasiak, she got “dm” tattooed on her side and also posted a TikTok of her getting it done. “There is not a single thought behind those eyes,” she captioned the post.


There is not a single thought behind those eyes

♬ Originalton –

FYI, Jojo Siwa also got a “dm” tattoo but I don’t think any of us are surprised by this given that she’s no stranger to small ink.

In an interview with E! News, Lukasiak revealed that she suggested that the group get “dots in the shape of a pyramid that showed what place they often ranked on Dance Moms” tattooed on them before they all settled on “dm.”

It seems that the Dance Moms alums are happy with their matching tattoos and TBH, it’s super cute that all of them wanted to commemorate their time on the show with something so special.

Dance Moms: The Reunion will air on Lifetime on May 1 at 8 p.m. and will be streaming the next day.

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