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Are Brittan & James From ‘THTH’ Still Dating After The Finale?

Yet another season of Too Hot To Handle was just released on Netflix today (Dec. 14), and I don’t know about you, but this season is an especially addicting one, certainly worthy of a day-long binge-watch. As with every season of Too Hot To Handle, you know the drill: essentially, a bunch of hot, horny singles gather at a resort, only to discover that they can’t engage in any sexual activity (yup, including masturbation) or money gets deducted from the “prize fund.” For most people, this show would likely be a breeze, but of course, hookups always happen and couples always form. And for everyone else who’s been anxiously awaiting this new season (and binge-watched it the day it came out), an essential question has dawned upon us: Who’s still together? 

But first, a bit of backstory (and some spoilers) for people who aren’t up-to-date on one of the season’s most notorious couples, James and Brittan: they began taking an interest in each other from the beginning of the show, but went through some conflicts when James began prioritizing the prize fund a little too much. However, at the end of the season, they got back together after Brittan expressed her admiration for James (and consequently got a green light from Lana). Even though they didn’t win the prize fund, they left the resort together — and that’s the last we saw of them.

Since the show ended, when it comes to their relationship, both James and Brittan have been a bit more discrete. Because season 4 was filmed quite a bit ago, so much could’ve happened since they left the show hand in hand — so the real question is, are they together, or have they since called it quits?

Well, so far, all signs point to yes — but we can’t be too sure. Before the show premiered, James and Brittan liked and commented on each other’s photos, and even wrote some cutesy messages to one another on Instagram; for one, Brittan commented on a photo of James captioned “sea no evil” with the pun, “sea no flaws.” So it’s clear they stayed together for at least a little while after Too Hot To Handle stopped filming.

Another noteworthy exchange between the two on Instagram, potentially suggesting they’re still together, happened on Dec. 12. On a post captioned “I only slept on you because you started selling dreams,” many were looking out for Brittan’s response, and decoding the dramatic caption. Then, Brittan commented with a simple, “I feel attacked.” Although many think this means they broke up, I’d like to think of it as just a little way to poke fun at each other (and stir up some curiosity). 

And if that isn’t enough to prove the two are still happily dating, on Dec. 14, Brittan posted a story at the Natural History Museum in London, writing that she was “on the way to see someone special.” Soon after, James posted a story from the same museum in London! This can’t just be a coincidence, right?

So, with all of their Instagram interactions decoded, I’d say it’s a likely bet that James and Brittan are still together. Until we know for sure, though, I’ll be checking both of their Instagrams for the hard launch we’re all looking for!

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